Worst beta issues for me are in base building

fallout 8 - Worst beta issues for me are in base building

Edit :Warning, this is a long post detailing every issue I encountered over many hours worth of building in the BETA. It includes how I came across each issue, why each issue is worth addressing and fixing, and potential fix solutions. It is a long post

Let me explain the main issue which lead to the discovery of several bugs, and finally some suggestions

I usually take the gorge junkyard and set up my array of turrets, water purifier, wood, concrete, black titanium, and junk collectors. All of this takes 48 power, which is 7 medium generators and 1 small. Aside from this was an array of workbenches and stash locations.

After some trial and error, I was able to blueprint my setup called "Junkyard" with the idea that I could always place that blueprint at the Gorge for an easy and complete setup, which I assume was intended.

Now some of the problems. After logging off, I discovered that all of my stuff disappeared. No way to get it back except building it from scratch. Good thing I set up my blueprint, or so I thought.

First, the blueprint interface is way too difficult to use when using a spread out base. I could not control the movement of the buildings in the same way as in fallout 4. In fact, when holding the build button and trying to move the setup closer to my character the game froze. After trying several times, I found out that it still moves the object right before freezing the game. It is an intended feature, just not in working order.

On top of this, when I finally was able to set up my blueprint where it should place, I was not able to lock it perfectly in place. The resource collectors would not line up right nor would the interface auto correct it for me based on the resource collector placement, making my hours of base configuration and blueprinting useless.

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The last issue I came across was with storing my built objects, which I thought was the last resort. I made my base from scratch again, and stored the items to see how it would work. I quickly found out that my stored items from the Gorge Junkyard were saved to the Junkyard workshop, meaning that they could only be used there. A generator I built and stored in my CAMP could not be used in a public workshop location. As a side note, stored items still took up space in the build meter, meaning that you were further limited in how many objects could be placed in total at one time.

Since I don't remember any other major issues, I am going to offer some solutions for these problems.

First: When someone logs off, store their buildings instead of scrapping them, that way there is not a needless increase in cost for basebuilding. Otherwise, when someone logs out and the game scraps a base, it should give 100% of the materials invested.

Second: Change the storage system to be based on the player rather than the place. I don't want to have over a hundred turrets across every workshop when I will never use that many at once. *A potential issue is that players would pre-build hundreds of items to save space, allowing them to have more than intended of junk, but I don't see it as a big deal.

Third: Blueprint system has to have a better interface. Short term I would suggest allowing resource collectors to lock in place, so one can build their base around a collector. I'd love to see more improvement, but don't have any other ideas to make it improved significantly.


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