Worst trading experience with a player that has -karma.

fallout 8 - Worst trading experience with a player that has -karma.

Tl;dr Dude with -karma insists that I must trust him in an item for an item trade and give him the item first, but refuses to trade first. He pulled loads of stupid ideas that I figured it would be interesting to share.

No names will be mentioned, to avoid witch hunts, but he will definitely see this lol.

So it's just another normal day on fo76, a little bit of whitespring, the vendor runs, and then the watoga cycle and BAM. A very shiny 3* armor piece drops. So I jump on to the sub reddit markets to sell or trade it in.

Our dude shows up and tells me to take down the post, because he has an offer I can't refuse and this discussion wouldn't end until we are both satisfied. Cool so far. I checked his profile and he was -15 karma. I thought to myself, that's not good… I mean that means 15 deals didn't go too well on the other guys end, which resulted into them to go out of their way to drop those -karmas. I mean, let's say its just bad luck or bitter trades, -5 would seem reasonable if that was the case… but this dude was -15. So I thought to myself that I would have to be careful, and probably give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anyhow, we exchange psn and meet up. Open the area chat and he shows me a picture of an item that I want. He then begins the trade and requests it. I requested his item and he refused to put a 0 on it. I didn't either. I told him to put his at 0, because the trade chat doesn't reveal the perks, while the damage output didn't seem proper on the trade screen. Once I noticed that, I told him to trade me first, so I could make sure I am trading for the right item. He said sorry, it doesn't work that way lol.

I ask him to enlighten me and tell me how it works. He tells me that I give him the item first, and then he will give me his. I then politely say, pardon me, but I wouldn't want to do the trade this way, because he had such a low -karma. It is kind of hard to trust him, esp. with the item displaying such low damage outputs on the trade screen.


He went ballistic and said "Who the F do I think I am to judge on me". Once this tantrum began. I told him that I was no longer interested in the trade. It kind of became obvious why the -15 was there. He followed me and asked me to wait. I pause thinking he wants to trade me first… then he says listen. You stand over there and drop your item in a bag and I will drop mine in a bag. Then we both walk to eachother bags. I said, how do I know you will put your item in the bag. He says I just got to trust him.

So i figured I will play ball with him, and to see how this will playout. I drop a loose screw, I figured if he really dropped his item in that bag, I will take it and then give him the item he wants from me. So I say alright let's do this. As we walk pass by eachother, he shouts "You nooooob".

Once I reached his bag, it had a beer lol. Then he shouts "you tried to scam me" then I was like dude. I didn't find any miracles in your bag either. I confronted him and told him that I knew he was not going to put an item in that bag, but he kept screaming scammer. Lol

He then started to shoot at me and I was like dude. Let's just part ways, but he insisted on killing me. Salty as f… I go around a corner. Crouch and chameleon and he passes by leaving the cleanest shot opened. I shoot once to start the pvp and follow with a vats crit. He is down and just lying there on the floor… I couldn't help myself, so I went to his junk bag and dropped the beer bottle he gave me back into it…

He did seek revenge, but I decided to leave him with his bottle of beer lol.

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