Would it be cool to have “races” in FO76 later down the line?

fallout 8 - Would it be cool to have "races" in FO76 later down the line?

I've always been fascinated with the many "races" there are in Fallout, from simple humans to Super Mutants and Ghouls. If they really envision us to be each others interactions, then maybe diversifying ourselves would help deepen that role-playing aspect. These races can just be simply cosmetic or can have their own benefits and flaws, which the latter would be more interesting to me. As such, here's my concepts for the three races;

Humans: Untouched by the harshness of the Forced Evolutionary Virus and Radiation, Vault 76 has held the best and brightest to show that humanity's true potential will thrive in the harshness of the Wastes! Humans have an extra 5 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points to allocate however they wish, potentially even raising a stat to base 20!

Ghouls: Those unlucky enough to be hit the hardest by the bombs and Radiation but lucky enough to retain their humanity, Ghouls live with this cursed and grotesque form but are blessed with "Atom's Touch". Ghouls are immune to all forms of Radiation and Radiation Damage and have passive healing in it, both inside and outside of combat! Atom's Touch has also blessed them with bonus 50 AP!

Super Mutants: Humans affected by the Forced Evolutionary Virus have grown into this large, bulking form. All Super Mutants have superhuman strength but most weren't lucky enough to retain rational thought. While peaceful mutants like Grahm exist, most won't be as kind as him and they are not strangers to attacking their own kind. Super Mutants have natural 100 Radiation Resistance. Super Mutants also gain a flat +50 increased damage with all Melee weapons; "unarmed", one-handed, and two-handed. While Super Mutants aren't as "puny" as Ghouls and Humans and must make or find their own unique Armor, they have a flat +50 Damage and Energy Resistance.

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They also all have different starting points on the map. Humans will always start from Vault 76. Ghouls and Super Mutants will start from their own new and unique starting points.

Ghouls will start at the Grafton Disposal Site on the Northwest side of the Toxic Valley and edging The Forest. The Site was known as a suburb outside of Grafton that Grafton Steel would secretly dump their waste into, slowly causing the populace to do one of three things: die of radiation poisoning, turn into Ferals, or keep their rationality as "normal" Ghouls.

Super Mutants will start at the West-Tek Breeding Site, due east of Morgantown just edging on the Savage Divide and The Forest. The most successful test subjects from the Research Center were transported to this facility for further "conditioning". Once the research staff realized the world around them changed, they all abandoned their research to go find their friends snd family thus leaving the unconditioned Mutants to fend for themselves. These Mutants who kept their cognition formed a small, hidden community amongst themselves and decided to venture out into Appalachia when resources grew slim to nonexistent.

Any other race you guys would like to include? Maybe touch upon my concepts and suggest other racial benefits and drawbacks? Feedback also appreciated!

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