[X-Post from r/Fo76] After over 100 hours of gameplay not having to worry about carry weight, we NEED a solution

fallout 2 - [X-Post from r/Fo76] After over 100 hours of gameplay not having to worry about carry weight, we NEED a solution

I'm just gonna say it

This game sucks without a proper stash solution.

Maybe not at a low level, but definitely as a high level.

First off, we get perks to lower the carry weight of most things in our inventory yet none of them correspond to our stash. It just doesn't work when most of the weapons / armor break fairly quickly and are expensive to repair. This creates a need for valuable junk crafting components which you can store far less of than you can carry on your character.

It doesn't make sense to hoard everything on your character when everyones argument is that carrying massive amounts of loot on your character stresses the server (which I'm pretty sure is a load of b.s. anyway) not to mention all junk gets dropped on death. The obvious solution is to make the stash weight proportionate to what the game requires of you. How hard is that? It's essentially an excel sheet of stored values that only change when you interact with it.

So far I've really only covered junk, which is less important than storing legendary weapons and armor. Currently players are forced to carry what they can and either drop or sell whatever they aren't using — weapons and armor take up a lot of that valuable stash space. There are so many variations of legendary perks that we don't have much of a chance to try out different combinations without losing our old ones. There are several interesting sets for all builds.

Where my character is at right now my stash is full of only legendary weapons, armor, and junk. Everything else gets scrapped for new mods and such. At this point my character is permanently overweight since i wont be dropping my favorite weapons just to make more stash space. Currently the only solutions are to ditch all this cool stuff I've slowly acquired or to transfer everything I'm not currently using to a mule account which would take a bit of effort, and don't forget "all the weight on a single character will stress the server".

This could easily be fixed by making the stash limit proportionate. If it takes up too many server resources, then maybe you should take that $60 – millions of people paid and build better servers, or atleast figure out a less intensive way to store these values.

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I actually love this game and think it has a TON of potential. But I do find this to be game breaking.

Until then I'll just be playing ARK or an equally less broken survival game

My real point for adding that I used the carry weight exploit was that this game is much more enjoyable when you don't have to spend a bunch of time managing a broken system

*Suggestion from u/fallouthirteen *


First off, I think as a community we should start using proper terms. I mean no one actually believes weight on character causes server stress right? That's just the word people use rather than "unique items" right? I would believe unique items could cause server stress. That way we can actually start asking for what we actually need, a stash solution based on how many stacks of items you have in it, rather than how much weight we have in it.

I was even thinking last week, they could still keep it weight based if they can't figure out a good way to switch it over, but just make it so that only 1 item in each stack counts against storage weight. So like steel is 0.1 weight per item I think. Make it so that having steel in stash just takes up 0.1 capacity (regardless of it's 1 or 1000 steel, it's just 0.1 of the stash's capacity).

Take fusion cores, they stack if they have the exact same charge, otherwise they don't stack. So if you have say 20 cores at 50% charge and they are in one stack, that's just 3 pounds. If you have another stack of 5 cores with 75% charge that's 6 pounds all together.

This would only be for storage. So weight on character would be normal (15 cores would be 45 pounds, unless you have the batteries included perk on, that'd reduce it by whatever level of the perk you have).

This way we could still save up stuff (like 100 bobby pins stored) but we'd still only want to carry maybe 5 of them with us when we leave base.

I REALLY think this idea would REALLY do a lot to help inventory management in general.

Say steel is ItemID: 00001. Like if they store items properly they'd store junk items like this

Contents of Stash

ItemID: 00001, Quantity: 5

As opposed to this

Contents of stash

ItemID: 00001

ItemID: 00001

ItemID: 00001

ItemID: 00001

ItemID: 00001

Which of those looks like it'd take more work to process?

That's the whole friggin' point. Stacks of items should not be more work to process than separate listings so limiting based on solely weight solves nothing.

Fusion cores get slightly more complicated because they have current condition so like my example would be this (lets say cores are ItemID: 00002)

Contents of Stash:

ItemID: 00002, Condition: 50, Quantity: 15

ItemID: 00002, Condition: 75, Quantity: 5

As opposed to writing "ItemID: 00002, Condition: 50" 15 times then ItemID: 00002, Condition: 75" 5 times.

Guns and armor become slightly more complicated since their max condition is also variable (so one more field to track). Plus they have legendary affixes. So there's a few ways to do it. Probably the best way from a storage standpoint is to give every single configuration a unique ID (so you're only saving 4 variable per "stack").

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Bring on the downvotes minimalists!

*Edit #2*

Those of you opposed to this, mind explaining why?

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