[X-Post r/fixingmovies] Fixing Fallout 4: Far Harbor by turning Allan, Richter, and Kasumi into companions who have a major role in the plot.

fallout 2 - [X-Post r/fixingmovies] Fixing Fallout 4: Far Harbor by turning Allan, Richter, and Kasumi into companions who have a major role in the plot.

There’s one major idea in this fix:

Longfellow has been scrapped as a companion. Instead, we have three companions: Allen, Katsuki, and Richter, as they can all play a pivotal role in the story.


Established from the very beginning as being a paranoid hardass, but also highly competent. When you reveal that you intend to go to Acadia, he offers to escort you there (Replacing Longfellow in this role) all the while talking about the Island and smack about the Synths and the Church of Atom, who he is incredibly distrustful of.

Eventually, you unlock him as a companion. His sister handles the gun shop. Allen is a hardass, but he does have redeeming qualities and a tragic backstory: Longfellow’s backstory of his wife and child being lost to the Children of Atom is given to Allen, explaining his pure paranoia.

Allen’s entire thing is to be skeptical, to rely on yourself, and hard work. He’s not an awful person, he’s just looking out for himself and Far Harbor at first.

Anyway, he’s also incredibly knowledgeable about the Island, so that’s pretty neat.


Minor thing, but she is a Synth. Get rid of the weird backstory where she had weird memories. She’s a Synth. Done and done. It doesn’t really change the plot at all.

Kasumi is a much more nicer person. She is very trusting and idealistic…and also interested in the Children of Atom. They offer a family, a sense of purpose and belonging, which draws her in, because they’re a weird cult, that’s what they do.

Anyway, Kasumi is definitely the weakest companion, but she makes up for it by being the only one that doesn’t have a bone to pick with most of the Island, and she’s probably good with tech and terminals and whatnot.


He’s a Children of Atom Companion, allowing us to get a truly deeper insight into them. Of his faith, but of his uncertainties as well. Richter is torn between the ideas of what the future could hold: Dominance and control of the Island, or peaceful coexistence, which he will reveal in conversations with you.

Companion Dynamics

Allen and Richter

Allen and Richter hate each other, as they project their own ideas of what they hate onto each other, though there might be some respect buried deep down in there.

While Richter can freely walk the port of Far Harbor (As he is a high ranking zealot, and fighting with him would lead to war) Allen refuses to enter the Nucleus. He also refuses to enter Acadia.

Allan and Kasumi

Like Richter, Kasumi can freely walk into both Far Harbor and the Nucleus. Allen doesn’t really hate her as a person, but due to his distrust of Synths, he’s constantly on edge around her, and is off put by how nice she is. If Allen and Kasumi talk, it’s the dynamic of a bigot and a victim – Kasumi tries to reach out to Allen, but he only pushes her away…and that’s at his best.

Kasumi and Richter

Kasumi and Richter like each other. Kasumi is interested in the Children of Atom, and Richter is just there as a guiding light. He doesn’t want to force her to join, he wants her to make her own decision, and Kasumi can’t help but be curious about them, especially since she seems immune to radiation (I wonder why…) and the Children love that.

The Way Life Should Be

As we all know, DiMA killed and replaced Captain Avery…but it’s possible that you can have your companions there with you when this discovery is made.

If Allen Was With You:

Allen is furious, and he takes the evidence and drags you to Far Harbor. After confirming it is the real Avery, he incites a mob which either kills or exiles Avery, and then marches off to Far Harbor to massacre them.

Another option is to refuse to go Far Harbor with Allen and instead go to DiMA to question him. Allen goes to Far Harbor, and while you’re busy talking to DiMA, he discovers the truth, kills Avery, incites a mob, and lays siege to Acadia. You have the choice to either help Allen and the Mob, help Acadia (Which requires you to kill everyone from the Far Harbor Mob, including Allen) or do nothing, in which case Acadia is massacred. Allen is pissed at you for being useless, but considering you helped him learn the truth in the first place, he forgives you. It also helps if you have a higher relationship level with him.

If Kasumi Was With You:

Kasumi is naturally shocked and horrified that DiMA did such a thing, but says that they should talk to DiMA first. She will go with you to Far Harbor if you choose to take the evidence to Allen. When he incites a mob, Kasumi attempts to stand up to him and for Avery. He either kills her or exiles her, depending on your decision. If exiled, she flees to the Children of Atom.

If Richter Was With You:

Richter is actually the only one that is perfectly fine with DiMA’s decision, but he won’t object if you choose to take the evidence to Allen. He will have some dialogue with Allen during this mission, and take part in the Assault on Acadia.

If Allen wasn’t with you and you talk to DiMA instead of going to Far Harbor, the conversation will act like the normal game, which will lead to two options:

DiMA turning himself in.

DiMA replacing not just Tehktus, but Allan, with Synths to preserve the peace.

Backing Out

You can choose to back out now and go down Allen’s route, presenting him with not only evidence that that Avery is a Synth, but that DiMA did it to pacify Far Harbor, and he wants to replace Allen to. Allen is furious (And also proven completely right) and he will kill Avery no matter what. If Kasumi is there with you, she will also be killed.

Going With DiMA’s Plan


Replacing not just Confessor Tehktus, but Allen as well. Allen, who has been ranting and raving about how Acadia will replace anyone who gives them trouble with Synths, is proven completely right. And yes, the only way for DiMA to stay alive is to replace Allen. You lose him as a companion, and he becomes much more nicer, even treating Kasumi and Richter with respect. The people of Far Harbor (But especially his sister) are very suspicious of his sudden change.

If Richter is with you when you confront DiMA, or if you have a high relationship with Richter, then you have the option of convincing DiMA and Richter that the latter should overthrow Tehktus and become the new leader of the Children of Atom. Doing so will allow the three factions to live in harmony…but you lose Richter as a companion, where if you replace Tehktus, he will remain your companion.

Note: Agreeing to replace Tehktus with a Synth while Richter is in the same room with you will cause Richter to become hostile, and you need to kill him.

Truth and Justice

And finally, if you choose to let DiMA face justice for his crimes, he will go to Far Harbor and be executed by Allan. Not Mitch. God, that really bugged me.

Once again, Allen tried to incite a mob, tries to kill Avery and maybe Kasumi, yadda yadda yadda.

More Endings


After dealing with Acadia one way or another, Allen will ask you to take care of the Children of Atom permanently…by destroying the Nucleus. You can convince the Children to blow themselves of up, or you and Allen go in guns a blazing and run away from a cool explosion. This is the only time Allen will willingly enter the Nucleus.

If both Acadia and the Nucleus are destroyed, Allen will smile and say he’s finally at peace. The people of Far Harbor can finally live their lives in peace without having to fear about outside factions trying to control or inflict their own agenda and will upon them.


While it’s very possible for Kasumi to get killed by Allen at Far Harbor or by the mob at Acadia, if she survives, she has quite the number of possible fates:

Choosing to remain at Acadia.

Joining the Children of Atom…even willingly going with them into death if you decide to blow up the Nucleus. It is possible for you to talk her out of it and to go home…if not, she’ll go hostile, as will the rest of the Children.

She can choose to return home, either telling her parents she’s a Synth or that she’s their real daughter. Saying she’s their real daughter will result in them being happy…though Kasumi will always feel a bit uneasy, and finally understands DiMA. Alternatively, telling them she’s a Synth will cause them to kick her out, but on the bright side, Kasumi is now willing to be your companion anywhere, from Far Harbor to the Commonwealth, and she admits she hasn’t felt so free in years.

If there’s one thing that defines Kasumi’s goals, it’s trying to find the right balance of personal freedom mixed with trying to belong, which is why she goes from living with her parents to Acadia to potential the Children. Damn it, I’m rambling.

Of course, it’s also possible to lose her as a companion. If she joins the Children of Atom, she will no longer be a companion, but she is happy with herself. If you destroyed Acadia or Far Harbor, she is furious with you, but that’s it, she won’t attack you.

You can then tell her parents that she joined the Children of Atom, and isn’t going home. They’re heartbroken but wish the best for her, which you can then relay back to her. If you tell them she’s a Synth, they do the “She’s not my daughter!” Thing, which you can also relay back to her. She’ll be saddened, but stand by her decision to stay in the Nucleus. You can lie and say they wished her the best of luck, and she’s happier.

Note: If you cause the destruction of Acadia, Far Harbor, or the Nucleus (Or some kind of combination) than Kasumi will refuse to be your companion. She prefers the Endings where all the factions are at “Peace” with one another.

I’ve already gone over Richter’s Endings.

Minor Things

Allen, Richter, and Kasumi are unique companions in how they can’t be assigned to settlements when dismissed: Allen returns to Far Harbor, Kasumi to Acadia, and Richter to the Nucleus.

Kasumi can be told to go any settlement once you finish the game in a way that makes her not completely loyal to Acadia or the Children of Atom.

A lot of people correctly predict the endings of Far Harbor:

Allen correctly predicts that DiMA will rely on replacing people with Synths, and that the Children of Atom want to disable the Fog Condensers.

Similarly, Richter correctly guesses the same thing, but unlike Allen, he’s perfectly fine with these actions.

Richter and DiMA accurately predict that Allen learning about the evidence will cause him to incite a mob to massacre Acadia, and that Allen wants to destroy the Nucleus.

Allen and Richter both correctly guess that DiMA has replaced at least one person in Far Harbor with a Synth.

Kasumi actually has faith in people, and fully believes that DiMA replaced anyone, that all the factions can live in harmony, and everyone else is a good person, deep down. Her ideas are of course, obviously challenged, though she can be proven right in the more peaceful endings.

And…yeah. That’s my fix. By making Allen, Kasumi, and Richter companions that are integral to the plot, it adds more ideologies and opinions to the world of Far Harbor, adds more unique endings, and explores the themes of lying/doing questionable things to keep the peace.

What do you guys think?

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