[XB1][FO4] Need help game constantly keeps crashing

fallout 3 - [XB1][FO4] Need help game constantly keeps crashing

I've recently chose to install mods for FO4 and ever since I've downloaded mods i went from crashing every 1 hour or so to crashing every 10 minutes or ever so often after I die in game, has anyone got any type of advice, mods I could download to increase performance or any type of methods you use to reduce crashes. The game is literally unplayable and I can't just abandon it as I've put time and effort into my characters and save files. but also that had seemed to do nothing, and I have also made sure no mods I have installed are conflicting eachother. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Take a look at my load order if anything needs to be changed please tell me Load Order:

Sim Settlements


True Storms: Wasteland Edition



Plenty o exploration

Subway runner for Xbox

Minutemen Watchtowers

Realistic Roads: black asphalt

Sim Settlements rise of the Commonwealth

Armoursmith Extended v3.02

Eli's armour Compendium

Campsite Xbox Simple Wasteland

STS- Scrap that settlement

OcDecorator- Dispenser

Miscellaneous Settlement Items

Pallets and Plywood Unlocked

Solar Power XB1

Settlement Police bot

Settlement Repair Bot

Settlement Medic Bot

Sanctuary Bride Fix

Settlement Menu manager

SOME assembly Required

Brutality Hardcore Rebalance

Immersive Fallout

Deadly Gunners of the Commonwealth

Deadly Raiders of the Commonwealth

Deadly Super Mutants of the commonwealth (Disabled)

Insignificant Object Remover

Optimised Building Textures

Reduced Grass density

Fallout 4 Optimized

Darker nights for true Storms

Sim Settlements nobody's leader










Survival stats widgets

Realistic Sound XB1

SKK Settlement Attack system

Large Settlements Raids

Battlefield 1 animation pack

Buffed minutemen militia 2

Everyone's best friend(dogmeat)

Better Settlers XBX MORTAL

Angry pack Brahmin loot EXTENDED


You and what army- more minutemen Patrols

Place anywhere

Scarce survival Resources

Scarce caps


Survival quick save

More realistic Molotov behavior

Hunting rifle Overhaul RH

Combat Weapons Overhaul Xbox

Double barrel Over haul

Minigun Overhaul

AK74M- Assault Rifle


McMillian Cs5

Hunting shotgun

Fostech origin 12

Institute EXO SUIT

K-9 Harness


Combat Utility pack

AmmoCraft-Craft your own ammo

Apocalypse Chow

Bullet time for Xbox one

UCO Base Game (Core component of unified clothing Overhaul)

See Through Scopes

No legendary Items from creatures

Snappable junk fences

Pipboy Flashlight Brighter

Realistic Ragdoll Force

Power Line Physics

Simple Settlements for Sim Settlements

Survival Options

Better Settlers Xbox


Ugh Castle Guard Markers

No build limit- no dlc

No exp soud

No more exp sound

No more antialiaing

Fallout 4 FPS Overdrive Xbox one

Alternate Start- Infinite Answer

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