Yab’s Junkie Guide (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Junkie Weapons)

fallout 2 - Yab’s Junkie Guide (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Junkie Weapons)


Here is a reverified list of the negatives from all chems addictions:

  • #Alcohol
  • #Buffout
  • #Calmex
  • #Daddy-O
  • #Daytripper
  • #Fury
  • #Med-X
  • #Mentats
  • #Overdrive
  • #Psycho
  • #X-Cell

The first thing to know is that if you die you will lose all you’re addictions; up until the “Biv Patch” this hadn’t been the case for me. IMHO this should be changed at some point since it makes things like addictol and RadScorpion omelettes a bit pointless.

Second, although you can be addicted to everything, the damage bonuses stop affecting Junkie Weapons after five addictions.

Some Chems have “families” of addiction so if you get addicted to Buffout you’ll also be addicted to Bufftats—Psycho addiction means you’re also addicted to Psychotats…etc. The first part of the word in the mixed chem indicates the family Buff, etc.

I’m not sure at what point this change occurred, but Alcohol no longer stacks. Previously it was possible to have one of each type of alcohol active at the same time (1 spirit, 1 beer, 1 Moonshine, etc). Teas, on the other hand, will stack so long as their effects aren’t the same: if you drink a tea that gives +1Chr, then a tea that gives +2Chr the second tea will replace the first.

In my test last night I did find that some chems do stack and it was possible for me to have X-Cell, Fury and Overdrive all active at the same time (would like to hear from other players to verify this).

The “under the influence” picture activates on the pip-boy when you drink Sommerset’s Special Blend Tea. I went through 12 Special Blends, 3 Sweet Labrador Teas, and 2 Company Teas (all contain alcohol) in a short period of time without getting addicted. I hesitate to say it’s not possible but if it is I imagine it would simply activate the addiction to alcohol.

An easy and chem conserving way to gain an addiction is to alternate two chems that don’t stack; (take a dose, exit the pip-boy, go back in, take a dose of the other chem, exit pip-boy…and so on) in my experience it takes around five of one specific chem to gain an addiction…Med-X seems to take a bit more, X-Cell takes fewer.

For fun I tried to get addicted to addictol, that didn’t happen. I also went through eight Skeeto-Spit which didn’t produce an addiction. Last but not least, though this should be obvious, NukaDark counts as alcohol and will produce the corresponding addiction.

Junkie Weapons

All the Junkie Weapons I use are also explosive so it took a little effort to gather other weapons to test with, (special thanks to M33how, Sergeant_MQZ, Motosan and UnicornQieen971 for helping me gather Weapons) each weapon was max lvl and modded the same as its counterpart. During my damage comparisons I removed all my perk cards and took Rad-X to suppress all my mutations, and to make sure the melee damage was cleanly affected none of the five addictions I used had a negative Strength modifier. My stats are 9Str, 14Per, 1End, 4Chr, 5Int, 9Agi, 14Luck….


Berserkers Guitar Sword: * Naked Dmg: 109 * Power Armor Dmg: 47

Junkie Guitar Sword: * No Addictions Dmg: 73 * Max Addictions Dmg: 109


Bloodied Explosive Lever Action Rifle: * Full Health Dmg: 112 * 2 Health Dmg: 218

Junkie Explosive Lever Action Rifle: * No addictions Dmg: 112 * Max addictions Dmg: 167


Two-Shot Explosive Combat Shotgun: * Dmg: 161

Junkie Explosive Combat Shotgun: * No Addictions Dmg: 134 * Max Addictions Dmg: 202

To save you the trouble each addiction provides a consistent 7.33% dmg buff for a total of 36.5%.

Editorial (Tips, Perks…and following the Junkie Path)

”Junkie isn’t a build, it’s a state of mind, man….” —anonymous


So it’s obvious that Junkie doesn’t provide as much damage as Bloodied, however (and since I don’t run Bloodied) I don’t believe it’s common for most Bloodied enthusiasts to run around with only 2 health so without any perks (and good lord but there are a ton of perks to help the Bloodied build) I imagine the discrepancy between Junkie and Bloodied wouldn’t be as big depending on how low a Bloodied player usually sets their health.

Junkie has an advantage over Bloodied in that I run around with a full health bar; an advantage over Berzerker because I get to run around with all the armor I want and yet still have equivalent damage; and I submit that Junkie Explosive is far superior to Two-Shot Explosive both because it has better damage but also has far better accuracy (especially hip-shot accuracy).

There are a few perks to aid the Junkie build but most only affect chem/alcohol duration or the negative food/drink modifiers from imbibing. Chem fiend would be useful if you wanted to run with the addictions of Fury, Overdrive, Alcohol and X-Cell because (if you had an obscene amount of each chem) you could be constantly popping them at double duration which would, while active, negate the negative effects from being addicted to each.

I would like to see a few Junkie centric perks added when it comes time to become a Legendary Player. Serendipity, Nerd Rage, etc, seem custom designed for the Bloodied build, but most other damage types don’t have that advantage (For the record I’d like to see a new armor Legendary type that allows Berzerker builds to wear armor and increase their DRes without negatively impacting their Dmg much the same way Weightless allows the chameleon mutation to stay active).

Perks that allow all chems to stack, or that would allow the player to maintain their addictions after they die would be a good place to start…I’m looking at you Beth.

If you don’t run X-Cell, Fury, Overdrive and Alcohol (and I don’t) you do still have the option to negate one of your chems at a time…I go through a lot of Med-X for this reason.

Bonus Round (A Few Fun Suggestions)

I would like to see recipes added for: Buffout, Daddy-O, Daytripper, Psychotats and Med-X

And Since the Biv quests and corresponding beverages were a lot of fun for me, here are a few fantasy cocktails I dreamed up:

Deathclaw Island Iced Tea

10 min duration (temporary morph into a Deathclaw)

-15 Int, Chr and luck

+15 Str, Per, Agi


1ea…Rum, Vodka, Tickblood Tequila…1 Cherry Nukacola…2 Company Tea…1 Deathclaw Hand…1 Neurotoxic Dust.

The Eye Opener

1 hour duration (temporarily suppresses all addiction withdrawal negative effects )

+100 rads, and 1 rads per second for 1 hour


5 canned coffee…2 toxic water…1ea Deathclaw egg, Mirelurk egg, Radscorpion egg…2 NukaDark…1 Ichor Sac…1 High radiation fluid…1 Irradiated Thistle


1 min duration (sprinting does not consume action points)


1ea NukaQuantum, NukaCherry, NukaGrape, NukaOrange, 1 high voltage Hefe, 1 Vintage Nukashine, 2 fever blossoms

Plague Walker’s Piquant

10 min duration (damage from plague walker mutation is doubled, 100% chance to catch a random disease)


5 spoiled bioluminescent fluid, 2 Fermentable Tickblood Tequila…2 Sticky Tar…1 Delberts Sunshine Oil…1 Undigested Goo

The Craftail

2 min duration (50% greater chance to learn mods through scrapping…incurable concussion for 10 minutes)


5 Royal Jelly…2 Vintage Leaded Champagne…1 NukaOrange…1 Brain Bomb…1 Daddy-o



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