Yesterday I stole thousands of Serum Recipes

fallout 6 - Yesterday I stole thousands of Serum Recipes

This wasn’t the first time, but it was the greatest. Sometimes I server hop looking for laggy servers. My Discord friend’s know to inform me of any laggy server. When I am in the server I immediately look for an extremely low level or an extremely high level player standing far away from any location. To be fair I usually just find someone building a base in a nice, secluded location.

I often look for 2-3 people as well. I have Secret Agent maxed for my half dozen stealth boys I always have ready in my inventory.

So yesterday a friend informs me of a laggy server, I join. I see a level 130 and 30 sitting near Devil’s Backbone. Fast travel, sneak, and sure enough the level 30 standing still doing nothing and the level 130 staring into a container.

When robbing duper’s it’s important to try and time it when they stare at the bag for a while guaranteeing the maximum loot placed to dupe. So I waited, and creeped. Eventually I just ran, got to the container, there was a long load time, then when it showed I just saw like 10,000 addictol, pressing R then R again for take all, nothing. Did it again, nothing. Then tried getting it out individually with E and server crashed.


I was so upset. Logged back in and had thousands of weird aid items from dirty water to calm-ex. No weapons, no apparel, bleh. Tabbing through I get to Notes. Over a dozen of every single serum recipe besides Herd Mentality.

Most recipes in their 50s. Ariund 1700 Grounded Serum Recipes. Oh man I hit the motherload. Just to finally walk again I dropped over 2000 recipes on the ground lol.

I like to think those were his only copies, maybe I’m wrong maybe I just got half of what he has. I’ve gotten stuff like two shot explosive handmades, shotguns, and hunter’s longcoats. This was however the greatest dupe theft ever. 🙂

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Edit: Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/teaHA6u

Edit 2: I am on PC and I am not selling any of these. Send me your IGN and maybe if I feel up for it I’ll give away a Grounded Serum Recipe (as I have a butt load of them).

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