You know what pvp I want in this game? Vault dwellers vs scorched. Now *that* would be some new content.

fallout 7 - You know what pvp I want in this game? Vault dwellers vs scorched. Now *that* would be some new content.

Screw all this dweller on dweller bullshit – there were supposed to be maybe 500 people in the vault, and they’re going into a world filled with dragons, zombies, and swarms of angry, giant mutated wildlife. Who would realistically be spending all their time murdering off the only people helping them fight to survive all that? Besides, it’s just kinda a lazy way to add pvp.

Yeah, I know, there’s always the random psycho (I’m looking at you, Pete!), but it’s doesn’t make a good pvp experience. Right now, it’s basically running around shooting people who don’t shoot back or destroying people’s houses until they leave the server. Stupid. Caps and junk are cheap as well, so there’s no real accomplishment even when you do get some consensual pvp. I like some pvp, but not in this game.

So what we really should have is a choice at character creation – dweller or scorched. Could add in mole miners and super mutant factions as well later on. But scorched would be hard mode – you start out super weak with no armor, having succumbed early after leaving the vault to the plague. Leveling up gets you some similar things as dwellers, but with a lower limit on special traits. Crafting would also be limited, and probably have a feature where items crafted by dwellers were coded to be unusable by scorched players to keep it that way. But that’s where the interesting part would come in.

Being a scorched could be explained by a defective strain of the plague or a mutation which allows you to retain a portion of your individuality. As you level up you also gain perks which let you control your own little posse of scorched that you outfit and follow you as you ravage your way across WV. You would also be able to infect and control wildlife; how awesome would it be to get a half dozen scorched deathclaws rolling with you and be able to sic them on random patrols of super mutants – or lone humans?!? C’mon, you know you want to :).

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But I digress – pvp. Scorched would obviously need to have quests of sorts, and it could be clearing out areas/gathering resources to be able to eventually create your own massive horde with a map-wide notifications. Shit like 5 scorchedbeasts, ten Yao gui, 5 deathclaws, and 30 scorched humans (dragons also spawn more human scorched). There would be an objective for the scorched to capture an area where they could increase their strength and get legendary rewards, and the dwellers would have to try to wipe out both the horde and the scorched player controlling it (who would also be periodically spawning more scorched until taken down). There could be other events where the scorched or humans start building a fortress/settlement, and the other side is tasked with destroying it during construction or having to deal with continuously spawning roving bands of robots/scorched.

This would also help add character to the new game mode where pvp is always on. As things stand, I can see it now – a server where nobody builds camps, everyone’s always sneaking so they can’t be seen on the map, and pvp is always decided in an instant by one bullet. It’s going to get boring quick, and then they’ll go back to the main server to mess with all the people trying to lazily and happily build their perfect home. Back to where we started.

It may be a bit of stretch, but they already did say they were implementing factions. Hordes could come along with some basic formations around the scorched player and a separate tab in the pip boy. As long as they make sure the scorched either don’t get stuck in things – or if they do to teleport back to the horde when too far away – I don’t see how it would be too hard to implement.

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tl;dr: Right now we avoid pvp like the plague. We should be able to enjoy pvp because of the plague.

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