Your opinion on every fallout game?

fallout 8 - Your opinion on every fallout game?

I want to hear your opinions on every fallout game (including spin-offs) , feel free to say it in the comments.

Fallout 1. The first fallout game, in my opinion it had the best story out of all fallout games, the side quests were interesting and diverse, your actions have weight on the world around you and characters were well made. The Master is the best fallout villan, simply because of his motive, to have only one race to control the world. I think it is also the most creative out of all the games. The rpg elements were well made and blanced. The only thing that I disliked about it was that it had only 20-30 houres of gameplay.

Fallout 2. The story was great, the characters were better then in Fallout 1, in most parts it felt as an improvement to the original. The companions were some of the best in the series (Sulik, Marcus, Goris, etc.). The Enclave is one of my favorite factions, Frank Horrigan was bouth tough and scary. The inteligent deathclaws were a fine adittion to the game, and a welcome one. The rpg elements were improved. The cities were great and each one of them had an different vibe to it. The thing that it was rushed out really felt, but if you can get past it you will have an awsome experience.

Fallout Tactics. Manny peoples disliked it for being different from the originals, but I think it is underrated. It is not the fallout experience we are all used to, but it is a decent game, that if focused more on the story and lore could have been a really good game. The Calculator had the potential to be a good villan, but that oportunity was missed. The rpg elements were not really that balanced, some skills and perks being useless. I still think is worth playing if you are a fallout fan or if you like squad based strategy games.

Fallout BOS. The worst Fallout game. Every thing about this games is just bad, it tried to make the fallout franchise appeal to a much bigger audience. The story is bad, the animations suck, the combat is flawed and the overall experience doesn't fell like fallout, it feels more like an really bad top-down shooter. It is just horrible.


Fallout 3. For some reason some people hate this game, I mean it was weaker on story, the story being too predictable, but it compensated in other categories: the characters were interesting( Fawks, Three Dog, etc.), the dungeons were bouth well made and rewarding, the exploration factor feels still fresh after so manny years ( I still see new random encounters). Every quest felt like a separate side story, having you decide how to approach the situation. The humor is too goofy for my tase, but is still decent. The game had some really good dlcs ( Broken steel, The pitt, Point Lookout) and some bad ones ( Mothership zeta, Operation Anchorage). The rpg elements felt were mediocre, mostly because you can make a character with 100 in every skill and because the SPECIAL sistem was not that game changing.

Fallout NV. I consider it the best fallout game, the story was really good, factions were special in their own way, the charcters were well developed, the companions were interesting, your every decision in a side quests affects the story in some way, every quest felt unique and different. All of the dlcs were great in their own way, Dead Money had the best characters, Old World Blues had the humour, Lonesome Road had a really good story and Honest Hearts was concentrated on exploration.

Fallout shelter. It wasn't more but a quick cash grab for Bethesda, if you want to unlock everything you either play a lot or pay for items. At least it wasn't as bad as Fallout BoS.

Fallout 4. It is not the best fallout game, by a long shot. It had some good parts and some bad ones. On the good side it had better gun modification, best shooting elements, better graphics, the settlement builder was a fine adittion and the power armor felt like an actual power armor. On the bad side: the story was mediocre, some of the factions were just boring, they made the settlement building system a too big part of the game, aside from some exceptions the characters were bad, too much filling content ,the dialogue system is bad, they give you power armor in the first two houres of gameplay and the rpg elements were almost inexistent. About the dlcs: Far Harbor was good, Nuka world was meh, Automatron was okey and the workshop dlcs were not a necesity.

Fallout 76. This is a good example of how to not make a fallout game. Just compare this with the first Fallout, one is a single player creative game with good story, decisions that affect the world around you and great world building and the other is a multyplayer shitty game with a boring story and full of micro transactions. It had some good things like an well designed map and being a fun co-op game, but it is mostly bad.

I apologize for bad english.

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