You’re an incredible community!

fallout 7 - You're an incredible community!

Just started playing Fallout 76 two days ago and I'm absolutely blown away by people's generosity. I just had to make this post.

I started the game, walked out of the first area and went to speak with the robot and two women. Another player, who I realised was level 250ish, approached me and started doing the "follow me" emote. He took me up to the front of the Vault 76 door, and dropped me hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of good bits. There was ammo, a few weapons, armour, crafting materials, stims and many other things.

I had literally nothing else to return to this player except my party hat that I picked up in the vault, so I happily transferred that over to him (after fiddling with the menu for about 3 minutes), and he actually took it and did a "thank you" emote!

I didn't even know how to do emotes back, so I just repeatedly jumped and tbagged on the spot lol. That was embarrassing.

Then, just today, I was exploring the wilderness in a group, with 2 of my friends, who were also completely new to the game (level 2 and 5 respectively), and another random player armed with a bow, who was near level 300, came from absolutely nowhere and started giving us all this incredible stuff. Crafting materials, epic nuka colas, ammo, stims, you name it, he gave it to us all! All 3 of us! In massive amounts!


Never once in my life have I ever played a game like this where people have been so generous. Perhaps I've just been lucky, but I've already had two high level players just throw all this incredible stuff at me and my friends, and honestly it has helped us out so much. I'm only level 8 myself!

I would say that I'm speechless at the kindness, but clearly that's not the case with this massive wall of text. I'm just so shocked and thankful. I can tell that the majority of high level players on this game are very respectful and love the rest of the community and want the game to continue thriving. Honestly, anyone who's out there gifting this stuff to lower level players like me and my friends, you should be so proud of yourselves. It's incredible. It's just so wholesome.

Here's to many more weeks! Maybe one day I can repay the favours or do the same for other low level players that have just started. Seems only right!

You're all awesome. Apologies for the seemingly drunken rant. I just feel like I had to open up about it. If anything, it's just so you guys know that lower level players DO appreciate what you do for us 🙂

I totally get the items you're giving us are probably crap to you, but to us, they're what get us through. Believe me. Especially ammo. My god, I don't know what I'd do without it.


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