You’ve probably heard most this before (its about the minutemen)

fallout 8 - You've probably heard most this before (its about the minutemen)

I have no doubt many people have said this is different ways but ultimately, same idea. Just gonna slap down how I think the minutemen should of been done

  1. Preston says "Can you help now?" instead of saying "Hey go help whenever since its not like anything's going to happen, but this quest will bug you by existing in your log till you do it."
  2. You can establish outposts on the roads that are self sufficient from the start. They may have a water pump and a tiny garden, and they keep the roads safe. Minutemen patrols may rest here between settlements, as well caravans. Sometimes they might be attacked by raiders or Gunners, or something.
  3. The game is hard enough that playing the minutemen simply makes it a bit more breathable, however its not so hard that players feel forced to side with the minutemen.
  4. You can rebuild concord. Be it a settlement again or investing money into the reconstruction process since its a big down. The museum could even become a major base for the minutemen in the north.
  5. You can form a proper government by creating laws and sects. Each one can affect happiness, causing laws met to keep the peace, and keep people safe increase happiness, and laws met to strengthen a grip and have control decrease happiness. Sects / sections of your minutemen can be primary military, police force, prison systems, etc. Also, you can make any Synth's that have gone through railroad processing LEGAL if you join the railroad. This will make the brotherhood hostile by default.
  6. Concord but now its Quincy.
  7. You have the ability to invest into better minutemen equipment, starting with proper uniforms, though they'll continue to use randomized armor for the time, mostly being in uniforms only though. You can give them an upgrade through standardizing armorment, most minutemen will spawn in leather, then metal, then combat armor, defeating the institute gives you synth armor on a rare occasion, and you can unlock power armored minutemen as you did with the other armors.
  8. Have randomized castle attacks, where -large- bands of super mutants, raiders, or gunners assault the strongest minutemen base in the commonwealth. Because the player has full control over it.
  9. Make it so the brotherhood, if the player has completed the minutemen story line already, recognize their threat level and will not allow the player to join after they arrive properly in the commonwealth.
  10. If the player destroys the Railroad and BoS, their bases will become occupied by the minutemen once you have taken over the closest settlement, or the castle.
  12. Placing a minuteman flag in a settlement decreases chance of attack from everyone but the Gunners, infact, Gunners attack even more.
  13. Artillery now decreases ALL chances of attack.
  14. Major war with the Gunners when the player retakes the castle will begin. The player will have to be more mindful as occasionally, groups of Gunner hit squads will come after you, carrying notes saying "General's been spotted here" or "We believe he'll be traveling here next, take him out". Killing gunner bases will cause -rapid- Gunner attacks to happen, you can barely get around without being harassed by the Gunners. Gunners will assault more prosperous minuteman settlements far more often. If the settlement produces 20 food, 20 water, has 20 defense, and has 10 settlers, this will take effect. Small side thing, sometimes settlements will willingly support the Gunners if the player doesn't make sure they're needs are met. If a settlement has double their needs minus beds, minutemen presence will become greater in the surrounding area. Sometimes settlements might also form hatred for each other, and eventually one will split, small bonus, though some settlements would obviously not be allowed to do this. The finale quest for the faction specifically could be a siege on Gunner Plaza, or the elimination of their employer.

THIS IS A SMALL FRACTION OF THE THOUGHTS I'VE HAD ABOUT THIS! And I'm sure many of you have had similar thoughts in the past.


EDIT: Also, please list which ones you liked and didn't, going from those you would of loved or whatever, to those you would of hated or whatever. Because the very first comment got me wanting to know everyone's opinions.

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