Far Cry 5

1 of 2 of “my dream” for Far Cry 6

FarCry2 - 1 of 2 of “my dream” for Far Cry 6


Far Cry's engine has some neat spawning elements in the open world to make a very nice horror game.

Hope County is an amazing setting. Let's take something similar.

  • Make the player a Sheriff. Sheriff will be accompanied by 2 companions (first deputy, Psychic private investigator, an informant, soldier-scientist, hunter, dog, single RNG permadeath deputies, and friendly monster). They idle at the Sheriff's station and local outposts.

Sidenote: The dog only brings you weapons, ammo, and medkits. The Psychic PI however, marks enemies for you. The informant picks locks on buildings, chests, and car doors, the hunter can calm animals and has a damage bonus on them, the soldier scientist does extra damage on monsters, the friendly monster can turn up to two enemies against your enemies, the first deputy can revive you more than once, and the RNG deputy gets a damage bonus on humans and a memorial plaque on the wall when they die. A new one spawns after that.

  • Similar vehicle/weapon types but obviously during that time (cars, trucks, and heavy vehicles with Planes at the end). Nerf the weapon types to pistols, revolvers, and shotguns until shit hits the fan.

  • Story starts with a series of missing persons cases, suspected arms dealing, and mass construction theft. As the story continues you end up finding a Priest of Hastur trying some nasty shit. Which leads to the map spawning some Lovecraft monsters all over the place. Then the military science division becomes a neutral patrolling faction.

  • Keep the missions to how they are in Greedfall. All offer story with very little fetch quest feel.

  • Enemy types progress on story. Crazed enemies attack anything in sight and are pretty tanky.

  1. Thug with melee and guns.
  2. Crazed Thug with melee and guns.
  3. Priests with knives and guns. Heavier weapons as endgame approaches.
  4. Wolves, bears, and of course eagles.
  5. Crazed wolves, bears, and eagles. Crazed Eagles are huge and do fire damage.
  6. Monsters small and medium.
  7. Large monsters.
  8. Mythos Bosses.
  • The endgame can be set to 3 RNG mission map sets.
    1. Pre-Monster street crimes.
    2. Mix on Monsters and Humans
    3. Holy fuck, Deep Ones are everywhere.


The other I will post later but it is essentially a more grounded military atmosphere approach.

  • You are a downed WW2 pilot that is stuck on a giant pacific island. The tutorial ends with the Americans, Japanese, cannibals, and a friendly tribe of island natives warring over outposts. You essentially have to pick a side.

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