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A Complete Analysis Of Far Cry 3

FarCry3 - A Complete Analysis Of Far Cry 3

Hello everyone, this is 1 of my many non-biased reviews I will be posting here (not really, it'll just be 3, 4, 5, new dawn cause they are the only games i have played) They'll be quite lengthy, cause well, it's in the name.

I'll be covering things in this order: The Story, side missions, DLC (although that will not be the case when I get to FC5 cause I never got the dlc's), the good, the bad, the nitpicks that literally no one cares about but me, and the gameplay (outposts, guns etc).Also, I know I said non-biased, and that is true for the most part, but at the end I will also be giving my input on what could've been changed to make the game just that much better. So get some music going, get comfy and touch up on your reaganomics cause this is gonna be lengthy.

The Story:

So, a brief summary of the story for those who need a refresher, or just never played it and want to know the basics of the story. I won't go super spoiler heavy, but to be fair, if you haven't played it yet you probably never will, it's been out for almost 7 years.

A group of friends are going on a massive vacation around Asia and the pacific as a celebration of Riley Brody getting a pilot's license. After getting a tip from a DJ at a nightclub they went to, the group decides to go skydiving over the Rook Islands, although this decision may have cost their lives, as a group of pirates capture them and attempt to sell them into slavery. Jason Brody, the main protagonist, and his brother Grant, a U.S. army soldier, manage to escape, but things turn sour when Grant is shot in the neck by Vaas Montenegro, the pirate leader. Jason escapes into the jungle, only to end up in a river, where he is saved by a man known as Dennis. Dennis introduces Jason to the island's native tribe, the Rakyat, who quickly take a liking towards him. Jason also meets a Drug-addicted doctor by the name of Dr. Earnhardt, who helps guide Jason to an ancient blade the Rakyat are also looking for. Shortly after, in a separate mission, Jason is captured by Vaas, and is reunited with his girlfriend Liza, who he saves and brings back to Dr. Earnhardt who keeps her safe, as well as Daisy, grants girlfriend. Jason then finds another one of his friends called Oliver, again, brings him back to Earnhardt. On the island Jason comes into contact with Willis Huntley, a CIA agent who may or may not be alone on the island. Willis tasks Jason with multiple tasks, and helps Jason in finding Oliver. Also while on the island, Jason is tricked into helping Buck Hughes, a known associate of Vaas, and his boss Hoyt Volker, a notorious slave trader from Apartheid-era South Africa. Buck makes Jason find the sacred knife for him in exchange for Keith, another one of Jason and Grant's friends. After finding the blade and confronting Buck, Jason and Keith return to Earnhardt's, where he informs his friends that he will be staying behind to help the Rakyat, to their dismay. After hunting down Vaas and killing him, Jason returns to Willis who flies Jason over the south island, Hoyt's island. Hoyt doesn't use pirates to do his dirty work, instead mercenaries from around the world, but mostly America, and who are a lot tougher than the average pirate. After going undercover in the mercenaries and helping Sam, an associate of Willis', Jason confronts and kills Hoyt, then rescues his brother Riley from the nearby airport, who flies them back to Earnhardt's, only to find it burnt to the ground and Earnhardt bleeding out on the Gazebo nearby, who informs Jason the Rakyat took the friends to the temple for sacrifice on Jason's behalf. Jason, who recently decided to save his friends and family and return to America with them, lets his greed and pride consume him sacrifices them, only to be killed by Citra (yes that ending is the canonical ending), thus concluding the main story.

Side Missions:

The side missions don't add too much to the story of Far Cry 3, and are generally just menial chores for civilians around the Rook Islands.



Far Cry 3's DLC is generally just side missions you can do to get a bit more cash, although a mini questline was started with the Monkey See, Monkey Boom! missions provided to you by Hurk Drubman Jr., who shows up in later games. Again, it doesn't reveal anything super interesting about the campaign, it's just a few side missions for a bit of fun.

The Good:

– The soundtrack. The Original score is amazing, but the licensed music choices are even better. M.I.A.-Paper Planes, Skrillex-Make It Bun Dem, hell, even Ride Of The Valkyries! All placed perfectly in the game, even if Skrillex can be a bit repetitive when you die over and over again in THAT mission.

– The story is a massive yep from me. Even though I personally prefer FC4 and think it's better than 3, I see why everyone thinks this was the best. Vaas is such a strong and charismatic character, same with Hoyt, and the interactions between Jason and the people presented throughout the story is top-tier.

– The gameplay still runs quite smooth almost 7 years on, even on ps3 and xbox 360.

The Bad:

– Not enough screentime with Hoyt. I, and many others were hoping he'd be even crazier and charismatic than Vaas, but instead what we got with him was: Hoyt on a boat, Hoyt in an office listening to old music, Hoyt downstairs saying that we are good people, and Hoyt in an unfair poker game. Whereas with Vaas: Vaas saying we have a nice fucking phone, Vaas quoting Forrest Gump, Vaas pouring petrol everywhere, Vaas playing Peekaboo, Vaas educating us about insanity, Vaas stabbing a flaming piece of art into our chest, lots of Vaas' with machetes, and Vaas faking his death.

– Jason just can't make his mind up.

The Nitpicks Which Literally No One But Me Cares About:

In a cutscene, a mercenary shoots a p416, which sounds just like the m4 from the orignal far cry even though they have 2 different gun sounds.

Sometimes, whether it be a bug or not, in cutscenes characters just have their mouthes slightly open with words coming out.

Why does Jason know how to telepathically wrap a severed finger in bandages perfectly in the span of 2 seconds?

The Gameplay:

Far Cry 3's gameplay, as I stated above runs really smoothly even after all this time.

The outpost system is a massive step up form Far Cry 2, with the introduction of alarms and fast travel to and from outposts, so it gives you a reason to liberate them.

Vehicles drive smoothly, at least compared to FC2.

Guns are all very similar, yet so different. If you were just picking guns up from enemies, you could tell what an smg or an AR is just from how they feel and shoot.

The skill tree and the crafting systems make the gameplay that much better, and maxing out everything makes you feel like a god because of how overpowered you are.

Healing Animations are a downgrade from the really brutal ones in FC2, but occasionally you could get one or two really gruesome looking animations.

What Could've Been Changed To Make The Game That Much Better:

Honestly, not a lot could have been changed. The game is already really good, the only things that could make it better are updated visuals and sounds, but that would probably never happen (classic edition doesn't count)

So yeah, that's it. I plan to do this idk, whenever I can, but all will be up within the next week.

Any feedback/advice/whatever you want to give me for constructing the next reviews? Let me know, because other than my Infinite Warfare zombies breakdown on r/CODZombies a few months back I don't really know how to format this in a way that it's easy to read and make sense of while also giving a decent amount of information and opinion on the subject at hand.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, folks, I hope you all have a good day!

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