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A couple QOL requests

FarCry9 - A couple QOL requests

So I have three requests/suggestions, I'd love to see all 3 but I have no clue what it would take to actually add this stuff or if they plan to do anything with it at all so really they're just suggestions for more longevity for ND cause we already have a really good foundation for a fun end game.

So the first and probably least likely is a mission replay option, I know we aren't getting new game + probably because of how much work they put into the end game on this one. It would be cool though so that we don't have to start a whole new game to play a quest.

The second and I think easiest is a system to "trade up" materials. Personally I'm grinding for things like titanium and gears constantly and it would be nice if I could cash in some of my ~70,000 copper or ~6,000 duct tape for something I can actually make use of instead of collecting. Even if it's like 100 duct tape= 10 titanium or something else high, I have some resources that literally never noticeably go down and are just constantly stacking. If I play ND as much as I played 5, which I probably will, I'll break a million copper and never stop despite very liberal use of special ammos. So this would be awesome for getting some more bang for my buck and more upgrades overall, and would also go great with my third suggestion.


This is I think the thing I'd like to see the most by far, we have a very nice selection of guns in this game but with the elite system you end up not wanting to use lower tier weapons in the late game. Yes you can upgrade them but they have a damage reduction on higher tier enemies and lower tiers like 2 can't use armor piercing ammo or incendiary ammo so that's even less enticing. It would be great if we had a system that allowed us to bump weapons up a tier or craft a new version in the superior tier and allow them to use the better ammos by upgrading them X amount of times. It would probably make more sense to allow you to "reset" the original weapon after so many upgrades to unlock the superior version but I don't know. Anyways, logistics aside, this would give us a better use of our resources after we've upgraded our favorite elite weapons to God tier, and give us more reason to bust out our tier 1, 2 or 3 favorites that would otherwise underperform with the damage reduction and lack of alternative ammos. Even in first tier there's a couple I could see myself putting in the time to get to elite, it'd be fun to have an elite RPG or Uzi. This would also solve the big complaint of people not liking the elite saw launchers, they could upgrade the tier 2 up to elite and have their favorite stealth launcher without worrying about whether it can take out that elite soldier.

Let me know what you guys think though, I've been thinking about this since I finished the story and started working my way through all the locations and whatnot and finally decided to post this once I worked out what I personally thought would bring the most to the end game for New Dawn without asking too much, because I am seriously in love with this game and I can't put it down.

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