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FarCry5 - About that wishlist

So about two weeks ago I made a post about a wish list for Far Cry 6 then they surprise us with Far Cry New Dawn…

Personally I feel like everyone being upset about the post apocalyptic direction is silly. They can just retcon the story if need be. I mean I would personally be okay with them doing that and taking us into a totally new direction for FC6. Like throwing over a dictator in South America or being involved in a civil conflict in Eastern Europe.

That said, for now, we are getting Far Cry New Dawn..

Things I would love to see, but will probably have to wait until the next full entry.

Deeper character customization, although I doubt this will happen.

Changing weather, so that rain, snow, wind all affect the gameplay.

Though in the short term, I would love to see some seriously creepy mutations.. I mean if that's the direction we're going let's go!


I think toning down the Mad Max feel would be nice but I see what they're doing with the game.

The Father redemption story arc.. he knows he screwed up.. I'd like to see him employ the protagonist to "fix things".

Exploration of old strongholds/bunkers… imagaine going back to damaged bunkers how creepy it would be.. going deep underground to get to an untapped weapons cache.

Make water scary again.. I know this is a stretch.. but what about some sort of mutated pike fish… that would be cool. Some big creepy thing that flips out boat while fishing just to eat us!!

Overall I'm just so excited about this game.

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