Far Cry 5

Alternate timeline Terminator style New Dawn.

FarCry10 - Alternate timeline Terminator style New Dawn.

Another spin-off game set after the bombs dropped, but in this one all the turmoil in the world and the eventual bombs were all caused by a sadistic AI. Set the game in bombed out Washington DC where a good portion of the buildings have been destroyed and then the wind swept dust all over the place and then super-bloom hits just like in New Dawn. That way most of the roads are covered by dust and a lot of the environment is overgrown with just some ruins poking out like we’ve come to expect in a FarCry game. But there’s still some buildings around, most of the monuments would still be there, places like the White House and the Capital Building and the Pentagon. They would all be overgrown and partially destroyed. Could have mostly destroyed and overgrown suburban areas on the outskirts of the city. Since it’s DC being taken back by nature and not Hope County, the whole place would be a swamp. Flooded streets, trees growing up through old buildings, vines and flowers all over the walls and old street lamps. Could go down into overgrown and partially flooded metro tunnels.

In this you fight against an army of machines created by the AI. You play as a member of the Secret Service who brought the President into his bunker when the bombs started dropping.


Makeshift weapons built from scraps around the city. Aging weapons from before the bombs went off. Bring back the malfunctioning weapon system of FarCry2.

Having humanoid machines as enemies would sort of justify some of the times the enemies in FarCry games are bullet sponges.

And I think having a sentient robot who thinks it’s an all powerful god and thinks destroying humanity is the right way to save the world as a villain would create a cool dynamic between it and the character. And for the love of god have the main character talk.

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Plus you could have some cool companions. One of the machines who was captured by the human resistance and reprogrammed to fight with them. A robotic guard dog built from scraps of old machines. I don’t know, some big crazy guy who lost his arms and replaced them with robotic arms taken from the machines. He runs around with nothing but a pistol and he uses his robotic arms to beat the shit out of the machines.

I think it would be rad.

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