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An idea 14 year old me about Far Cry 3

FarCry10 - An idea 14 year old me about Far Cry 3

I wrote this on a GameFaqs forum about 6 years ago. Don't judge my shitty writing ability.

I was okay with having Jason as the Protagonist and it was cool to watch him transition from scared little boy into a savage killer but I found that he was somewhat bland. His Voice was really stupid and emotionless. Now, I think that having RILEY as the Protagonist would have been a better idea. Think about it. First off, Riley is the youngest of the three Brody brothers. His voice acting had more emotion and sounded A LOT better than Jason's. Also, giving Riley this new responsibility of being the one having to save his older brothers just seems like a better storyline. Now, having Riley as the Protagonist might mean changing the story a bit. Killing Grant is still a good way to open the game and having the other five friends get kidnapped. Since Riley knows how to fly a plane, planes could be a new mode of transportation in the game. Maybe Riley has feelings for Liza, there's your emotional side. The ending could also be changed to fit Riley. Maybe instead of Liza being tied up, JASON is tied up! Or maybe Jason sides with Citra OR Hoyt and know battles Riley in a fight to the death. Now Riley must kill his own brother to save himself and his friends.


So what do you guys think about my younger self's idea?

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