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Any ideas for Far Cry 6?

FarCry10 - Any ideas for Far Cry 6?

So now that we know New Dawn isn’t Far Cry 6, just an expansion to Far Cry 5 (Which is good, a proper sequel shouldn’t come out so fast.) That being said: Ideas for Far Cry 6?

In terms of location I think Australia/New Zealand would be fantastic. I mean, c’mon, a Kangaroo would be a perfect animal companion (If a bear can help I don’t see why a Kangaroo couldn’t) plus a nice big, rural location is perfect for the Far Cry games.

As for when it takes places: Early to Mid 1970s. A lot of fans are wanting an 80’s backdrop but personally the 70’s would be a more refreshing change of pace. Technology limitations could also serve to make things more interesting.

As for the main character, some ideas could be:

A Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD (possibly trying to get away from it all) only they get swept up in another arms conflict and must fight to stop the antagonists. Along the way their PTSD could cause them to hallucinate (worsened by the trippy drugs they’d inevitably be exposed to in a Far Cry game) this could be an interesting portrayal of how soldiers are treated/viewed as killing machines

Then again we have more soldier protagonists than we can count in video games. Another choice:

An American tourist. I was thinking maybe they grew up super conservatively and are trying to experience some fun in their life. Only to be faced with the horrors of deadly conflict. This could also serve as a good fish out of water scenario.

A celebrity on location for a film. Only their crew is killed/kidnapped by the games antagonist. And they are unable to contact help so they’re forced to fight for themselves, gaining allies along the way.

What about the antagonist?

Well Wikipedia lists the notable events of the 1970s in Australia, for instance

“14 January – Prime Minister Gorton announces that Ampol Exploration Ltd. is not proceeding with its intention to drill for oil in the Great Barrier Reef pending a thorough examination of whether there might be damage to the reef.”

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I’m no expert on oil but it’s obviously been the cause for immense conflict over the years. What if the antagonists are furious over not being able to drill for oil, so they take the film crew/actors hostage to make their demands?

Maybe the government does an abysmal job at handling things correctly, leaving it up to you to save them. Interestingly enough the next day (January 15th) a dust storm hit Brisbane. Something like this could easily add to how the conflict is developed (the location could be altered as necessary of course)

As for the ending, a happy one could actually take place. It would be a legitimate surprise considering how previous games have ended. Maybe the main character actually makes a positive impact and is left to recover from the experience.

These are just my silly ramblings, what are some ideas you guys have?

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