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Do you like the gameplay of 4 or 5 better?

FarCry5 - Do you like the gameplay of 4 or 5 better?

I’m not talking about the story, but the gameplay, guns, vehicles, accessories, stealth, environment, etc. Personally, I like far cry 4 better, there’s just this certain mystic feeling to the Kyratian environment, as opposed to the American rural outback in Far Cry 5. Sure, the graphics are better in far cry 5, but to me, it’s just too much, every few minutes a cultist shows up out of no where, i know that if you secure areas you can lessen the patrols like in far cry 4. I personally liked the towers and outposts in far cry 4, where you could see them clearly on the map. In far cry 5 you have to search and find missions.

On vehicles, it is clear that far cry 5 is the winner here, helicopters, planes, and more boat varieties, not to mention buying vehicles, which you cant do in far cry 4. In far cry 4 all you had for aircraft was a buzzer, but the most fun gameplay with aircraft in far cry for me was being shot down. In far cry 4 your buzzer just got hit with an rpg and it’s game over. But in far cry 5 they shoot at you with small arms and you have to make an emergency landing or parachute out. Same with the planes, taking cover from incoming helicopter/planes was exciting for me, and bailing out was a fun experience. There are mods for far cry 4 for helicopters though, but i’m not sure for planes.

On weapons, customization in far cry 4 was, “simpler.” All you had for customization was gun skins and accessories, not skins for boats, planes, or trucks. Personally, I liked far cry 4 customization better, all you had was a wardrobe and you could start buying and selling. Far cry 5 has much for variety, with shops and people you could interact with. I think far cry 5 wins in variety with vehicles, shops, and customization.


Hunting, hunting in far cry 4 was much better than in far cry 5. To me, you could just sit around, scout an animal, and wait for it then are it out with a bow. But in far cry 5 when I tried to hunt I got attacked instantly so I just started spraying with my gun. It was nice selling them in shops. But the best thing about animal skins was that you had to gather them to upgrade your gear, that was the most fun for me. Also, both games have mortars, but far cry 4 has multiple strikes while in far cry 5 it’s just one.

In far cry 5, you have to do challenges in order to upgrade your perks, I know in 4 you had “Karma.” But it wasn’t the same as far cry 5, where you had to complete challenges as i said. In a final note, the Graphics in 5 are much better then 4, so there’s no debating that. But the environment sometimes feels static, there is no wind blowing in 5 or trees being affected by the rotors of a helicopter/buzzer like in 4. To me far cry 4 feels more peaceful while in far cry 5, the craziness is ramped up, for this one, it’s to each their own.

So, what do you think about the gameplay in Far Cry 4 vs Far Cry 5?

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