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Do you think FC5 was held back by being an open world shooter and/or silent protagonist?

FarCry7 - Do you think FC5 was held back by being an open world shooter and/or silent protagonist?

Hey guys, its my first time posting here, I just finished FC5 and I had some thoughts I wanted to share and hear your opinions on (:

First of all, the game actually suprised me. Except for FC3, none of the other games in the series actually made a significant impact on me or made me go ''wow'' or anything. I had really low hopes but was kinda overwhelmed by how good some of the writing and voice acting was. I have to say, I do think I would've held the game in higher regard if it didn't have a silent protagonist because I honestly just thought it made everything awkward and just destroyed the overal flow of the story. Thinking back on FC3 I remember how endearing and genuinly scary Vaas was, and he had like 15 minutes of screentime? At a certain point I felt like I was just watching a soap with a mute main character, we saw so much of Joseph's siblings I legit cared more for them than most of my companions. Them crying out on people I only saw like 2 times or talking about how they were tortured and then seeing my deputy just awkwardly lay their hand on their shoulder for a brief second didn't really help with the lack of emersion.

That being said, the keypoints in the game were of course the infamous kidnappings, where we got some insight on who we were dealing with and what their plans were, and to say that they were 'overdone' would be an understatement in my book. Being kidnapped while I was literally sky high in a helicopter or riding around with a sniper scout from the army and a goddamn bear protecting me just felt annoying. It also never felt like I was in actual danger because they made clear from the very begining that they didn't wanna kill me anyways, so I was just sitting there waiting for them to stop their speech so I could move on with my day. I liked the dialogue and cutscenes, but they were so forced and overdone, after a while I just felt like rushing to the ending instead of actually wanting more of it. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay was pretty fun to me and kept me going for quite a while, but the side quests were 90% based on the same formula Rockstar loves applying to their games aswell;

  1. Talk to the guy
  2. Drive to the place
  3. Shoot the target

Rince and repeat. I couldn't help but feel that there was so much content to just fill the game up, while if they ignored all of that and put that effort into the actual story, they actually could've pulled of something special here. Right now it feels like I got teased by so many interresing moments like Faith's Bliss, how she randomely started giggling and talking through you while you where roaming around ( I actually thought it was pretty creepy and cool ), the moment where you've smashed through Jacob's trial so many times you know it by heart, pop the corner and accidentally shoot Eli through the head. John ripping a piece off of my friend's chest etc.

I know I'm all over the place with this and its also way too late for me to be typing this, but hopefully it kinda made sense and at least some of you saw what I was going for even after my lackluster arguments lmao

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