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Far Cry 3 quick review – What to suggest next?

FarCry9 - Far Cry 3 quick review - What to suggest next?

Far Cry 3 is my first Far Cry game I ever played and just finished today.

Amazing game -They make shooting gameplay feel very visceral and animalistic. Movement and skill trees are all relevant and add real spice as I progress through the game.

The environment is perfect. When I initially got into the map game I thought – wow this is big! – then I realized there is another half of the island AND then a second island. The ambience of fauna and wildlife is diverse with various amount of elevations.

The people are authentic and feel like genuine island people (I grew up in a similar culture) their lifestyle and attitude reflected their circumstance accurately.

I played on MASTER difficulty- I'm very happy with the enemy and animal AI. They live out their own natures and spontaneously combust into their unique interactions with one another appropiately. Sometimes I just watch as a tiger takes out an entire outpost and I rofl. Sometimes fights break out between Rakyat and enemy soldiers and I hope to join in!

I love the psychedic and ayahuasca themes – I can tell the people who made this game was on some sort of psychedelic trip. Which inspired the game, including mirroring themes of understanding reality through absurd psyche like Alice in Wonderland.

Jason Brody's arc was great. From being a naive and timid college kid, with athletic potential – being SEDUCED by the guerilla warfare lifestyle. Going into his instincts and becoming an animal of nature and war to the ends of saving his friends.

Themes covering the human body and embracing nature contrasting the lack of purpose in modern society and it's disconnecting from the bodily experience. But does living a purposeful life in the chaos of nature mean going completely insane and mindless like the many other characters of Rook Island?

This goes to Vaas. A truly epic performance by Mr. Mando. Imagine Far Cry 3 without Vaas…….Ok did you imagine? Yea the game is nearly dogshit without Vaas unless you attempt to imagine the game without him there is a lack of soul, character and personality that is essential.


On Vaas-This goes into what I didn't like about the game. I know Vaas the character was totally intended to be different before Mando auditioned, and when he did it was so fu*king good they rewrote the character, redesigned him, and even put him on the cover of the game.

The issue is I noticed, they did not rewrite his arc. He was there from the first half of the game of the first island. Then killed off towards the next part of the story.

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On Missions-The rest of the story just was OKAY. Vaas should have been the final boss and juxtaposed the conflicting moral choices Jason has made as a thematic barometer if you will. Did Jason go insane?

The story missions were pretty decent too in terms of gameplay mechanics. The Vaas ones were great and I enjoyed the missions with Sam and Willis. The rest in between are nothing to rave about. I really DID NOT like the Buck missions. I hate those long drawn out "Tomb Raider" type missions. They were boring and wouldn't want to repeat.

"Boss Battles" -The boss battles were all knife psychedelic quick time events. Which I did not like. I wanted to fight them full on with all my weapons. Then just do a cinematic after.


Technical grievances-Last things are Lighting, Traversal, and unintuitive loot mechanics. Lighting was fu*king horrid at times. I couldn't see my targets through my retical. Holy crap I edited my constrast, brightness, and gamma throughout my playthrough and nothing worked.

Traversal felt clunking with climbable hills just forces me to slide down. And buildings I can clearly jump on didn't allow me to, and I had to search for stairs.

Unenjoyable but necessary mechanics-Also constantly searching for plants to make syringes and the block by block loot system felt very unintuitive and couldn't sell the pelts from animals I no longer needed, so I had to sell manually unlike other items that were just sell-loot designed from the get-go.

Returning to things I like:

The outposts, in-world combat, hunting, and main missions that mirrored these were the best!

They felt alive and spontaneous – random shit happening I never thought. The Rakyat soldiers coming in to help. Vaas's men and Rakyat in a fight in the middle of the street. ANIMALS coming out of nowhere sometimes hunting other animals, or just killing soldiers. I am like WTF!!

The only thing I wished is that enemies can RETAKE outposts and still patrol the world for me to kill. Once I conquer everything, the world is dead and everything I found fun is gone. Except for poker 😉

Overall:Gameplay – YES

Story & Missions – YES (with Vaas mostly, and human nature themes Jason had to undergo)

Environment and Ambient life- YES

Skill tree and weapon progression – YES

World activities – YES for good story missions, outposts, and hunting.

MUSIC – OMG YES. Great music

Poker – YES! This game TAUGHT ME POKER! Lol, and I never played poker before. If only they designed their loot system as equally as crisp and intuitive as their poker.(I'm actually going back, even though I finished the game, to play POKER lol. The natives are great to watch as I take all their money xD)

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It's quite clear the people who made this game traveled to those cultures and made a really cultured and vibrantly thematic game. Really seduces me. Jason Brody's naivette was a good constrast to the world of Rook Island, all it's wonderland absurdities and the great Vaas himself.

Lighting – Nay

Traversal – Nay

Item loot – Nay

Waste of Vaas halfway through – Nay

Characters after Vaas – Nay

What's next?

I'm thinking of continuing to play other Far Cry games. I'm considering playing OUT OF ORDER to really compare them not based on sequels but by standalone games.

I'm thinking of going back to play Far Cry 2, then playing Far Cry 5.

I'm tempted to try Far Cry 4. But I hear it's just Far Cry 3.1 upgraded with the exact same mechanics without Vaas. So more meat if you will to the same bone, which I'm not sure if I should spend money on. What do you guys think? What are HUGE differences that make FC4 a must buy that I really need to experience?

If not – I'm definitely going to play Far Cry 2, and only a matter of when to play Far Cry 5.

What do you guys think?!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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