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Far Cry 4 was the best Far Cry game that’s been released in this decade.

FarCry1 - Far Cry 4 was the best Far Cry game that's been released in this decade.

With the new Far Cry game, Far Cry: New Dawn, set to release this next February, I decided to sit down and revisit the last four entries to the series that came out this decade, which were Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, and Far Cry 5. I'm using these games to evaluate because I haven't personally played any FC game before 3, and because most casual Far Cry fans were likely introduced to the series from those four games. I've ranked all of them based upon my opinion and overall experiences I had with the games

Far Cry 4: As stated in the title, I personally believe that Far Cry 4 is the absolute best Far Cry game of the 2010s. It was the first Far Cry game I 100% completed and I managed to put a good 70+ hours into the game, which is something I don't normally do with story based games. Visually, the game was fantastic for 2014. I found myself getting lost because I was so mesmerized while looking at the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. While on the topic, Kyrat is definitely my favorite setting that Far Cry used, as it just felt more unique to me than the tropical island setting. The story always kept me playing because I was so immersed with the Ajay Character, and his connection to Pagan Minn. Pagan Min is by far the best Villain in any Far Cry game, hands down. (Yes, I liked him more than Vaas, crucify me.) I find it impossible to hate Pagan. The game's always reminding you that he's responsible for so many atrocities (what he did to Noore was just evil), but I smile every time he comes on screen. I blame the pink paisley suit, Troy Baker's voice, and Far Cry's likable villain epidemic. When I saw the endings that showcased what Sabal and Amita had done after Pagan was dethroned, I found myself wishing I could've just tore shit up with Pagan Min.

Far Cry 3: I, like many others, was introduced to the series through this game, and while I do believe that it was weaker than FC4, I still believe its a good game and it will always hold a special place in my heart. As stated above, I believe that Pagan Min was a better villain than Vaas, who is considered the main highlight of FC3, but Vaas still managed to blow me away with an incredible performance of violence and mayhem (through the first half, anyway.) The definition of insanity speech still gives me chills every time I play it. The tropical island setting did not interest me as much as the setting of Kyrat, as I had never seen something like Kyrat in a video game. I enjoyed Far Cry 4's story more because the character actually had a legit reason to be involved in all of the shit and chaos that occurred in the story, while in Far Cry 3, Jason is just kind of thrown into the chaos with no real lore behind it.

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Far Cry 5: This game was honestly somewhat disappointing to me. It's not a bad game, and it did improve on some things, but all in all, I had some issues with it that kept me from truly enjoying it to the maximum extent. It had a villain complex similar to Far Cry 3, in which there were 3 sub villains, Faith, John, and Jacob Seed that you had to kill before confronting the main villain, Joseph Seed. I think this weakened the gameplay experience because we really didn't get to see as much of Joseph Seed as we did of Pagan and Vaas in the previous two entries. These sub villains didn't have same memorable charisma and lines as Vaas, Pagan, or Joseph Seed. All I could remember about them was that Jacob was a warhead, Faith was a Drug Peddler, and John was a psycho televangelist. One of the main gripes I had with this game was the character creation. He/she was a silent protagonist that you couldn't really attach yourself to, so I didn't get same feeling playing through Far Cry 5 as the Deputy as Ajay from Far Cry 4. Most of the characters and companions in this game were pretty bland and forgettable (except for Peaches, Cheeseburger, and good ol' Hurk of course.) Another gripe I had with this game was the lack of violence. Label me a psychopath all you want, but I personally don't think a Far Cry game is complete without some over the top executions and villain deaths. In Far Cry 5, the executions were really toned down and only really had neck snaps or blunt weapon hits. The villains as well didn't have any awesome death scenes like Vaas getting his insides scrambled or Pagan getting Michael Bay'd in his helicopter. The villains in Far Cry 5 just spoke to you for a few seconds and just died on the ground, no epic stabbing or explosion at all. I did enjoy the many side quests that Far Cry 5 offered as the previous games did not offer as many side quests as FC5 did. The cult was also a very good idea that I personally thought was unique and different to the pirates and royal army of the previous entries.

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Far Cry Primal: This one is by far the weakest entry of the series, as it didn't even feel like a Far Cry game. I get that ubisoft was trying for an original game set in a different time frame, but in my opinion it just fell flat. The only two things I liked about Primal were the visuals and the ability to tame animals, which I spent most of my time doing rather than the main story. Absolutely none of the characters were memorable (apart from Hurk) at all to say the least and it had by far the most boring story in all of the 4 entries to the series. It doesn't help that all of the lines of dialogue in the game were spoken in gibberish and subtitles were required to understand what they're saying. None of the villains are memorable at all, to the point that I can't even remember their names while typing this. The main character, Takkar is also not memorable at all. There weren't many fun things to do in Far Cry Primal other than taming animals, as it didn't bring many new things to the table in terms of gameplay elements, as well as not bringing a new map to the table, because Ubi literally reused FC4's map for FCP

My final ratings for each game is

FC4: 9/10

FC3: 8/10

FC5: 6/10

FCP: 3/10

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