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Far Cry 5: A Steam Controller config + mini review

FarCry2 - Far Cry 5: A Steam Controller config + mini review

Hello. Here's a Steam Controller config for Far Cry 5.

Follow the links below for everything config related. Make sure to edit the default "Brake" binding & sensitivities (see Imgur link) as a starting point, then adjust from there.

Config layout (imgur) | Printable PDF (dropbox)

Config link: steam://controllerconfig/far%20cry%205/1589014026

Paste the config link in chrome/firefox/etc while your Steam Client is running.

Use the comment section as a tech support thread & let me know of any conflicts.

Thanks to user "larsiusprime" on OpenGameArt.org whose icons I used in my layout.


  • 3 Action Sets: Ground, Vehicles, Menu.
  • On-foot movement on Left Trackpad, vehicle movement on Joystick.
  • Gyro aided aiming, precision aiming on LT Full.
  • A set of universal action set switches (for consistency across all action sets)

Far Cry 5 Mini Review (spoiler free).


As much fun as I did have in FC5, I still found it rather dull & ho hum. The missions & gameplay didn't have the thrill levels that FC3,4 & Primal had. The premise was very interesting & the traversal of the map was fun. I didn't fast travel once until the story was over because I like the map & there were many fun options for transport. Still, the plot missions, most of the side missions & the overall gameplay was distilled somehow. The progression system for skills & weapons was revamped in a way that significantly reduced the thrill of hunting for upgrades or going stealth for experience points. I might be imagining this but I also feel like stealth was less fun in this game, simply by way of outpost design. Overall this feels like Far Cry Lite instead of a full sequel. I have high hopes for New Dawn though, I'm anticipating creativity & unleashing of the likes of Primal.


Previous SC configs (some are outdated due to SICS updates):

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