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Far Cry 5 doesn’t have the far cry magic

FarCry2 - Far Cry 5 doesn't have the far cry magic

Now don't get me wrong, I loved far cry 5. My only real complaints were the enemy spawn rate and that the resistance meter fills up way too fast (seriously, I accidentally liberated 2 regions just by doing random events). But far cry 5 just didn't feel like far cry to me. Maybe it was the silent protagonist (which by the way, I hate. It's a sign of low effort to me.), maybe it was the inclusion of airplanes and helicopters, maybe it was the boring sidequests, maybe it was just the overall resemblance of far cry 5's terrain to my own home, rural Tennessee. Because after all, the nature of far cry is someone being taken to a foreign, exotic environment that they're not familiar with and adapting to their surroundings. Or, maybe it was me not understanding why someone didn't escape the valley and call for the national guard (if anyone gets why this couldn't have been done, please tell me.). I don't know why, but far cry 5 didn't feel like far cry to me. Do any of you feel the same?


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