Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 – just finished it and I think I’m done with the series…

FarCry4 - Far Cry 5 - just finished it and I think I’m done with the series...

That was…bad. Like, really bad.

Spoilers ahead

Let me get past a few things that I REALLY enjoyed about the game. I liked that the tower mechanic was gone. The guns felt right and the world was beautiful. Being someone who has always found “dooms day” prep really interesting I loved hunting down the stashes all over the map. (The one under the bridge was by far my favorite). The vehicles were great and felt nice to drive. The idea of fighting a cult in America was really appealing story wise, but…that’s where things really started to go wrong. I’m sure others have complained about this but, holy crap.

1.) what the fu*k is with them “kidnapping” me with super bullets and arrows. That shit was obnoxiously annoying, I spent time getting to something just to be hit by the dumb bullet and ripped away to a forced story mission. Great, I would have loved to do this mission, when I was ready to. Kidnap me once, fine that’s okay, but what 6-7 times? Holy cow.


2.) the fu*king planes, I couldn’t tell if they were glitched or not. Radio calls cutting in and out on how they saw me. One spawning right after I killed another one, give me a break. And speaking of spawning, tone down the damn enemy spawns and events, can’t explore the world when I’m constantly being chased by someone who just spawned in right after I killed someone else.

3.) The “only one” mission. How fu*king stupid to not let the player choose. You could see the ending of that coming miles and miles away and yet you still couldn’t do anything about it. How lame.

4.) and finally the ending, just…no. Lazy, stupid cop out ending. Those last 5-10minutes completely ruined the 15-20 hours or so I had spent up to that point. What the actual fu*k was that?

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I missed the crafting of the previous games to upgrade my gear as well.

If this is the direction this series is going, a series I’ve enjoyed for a long time, and the writing stays like this and control of the game keeps getting ripped out of my hands by clumsy “plot devices” and they force me to play how they want me to, I’m done…which I don’t want to be but…that was bad 🙁

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