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Far Cry 5 was meant to be linear

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I'm sure I'm not the first to make a post like this but fuck it I'm bored.

 I like Far Cry 5 and it has an interesting story but I feel the way you can take any area you want from the start really breaks up the flow. None of the areas stories and characters can influence the others, making it all feel very segmented. That and it makes the ideals of the cult inconsistent. Are they all about the power of yes and of a positive attitude to going along with the cult, are they about getting zonked out on hallucinogens all the time, or is it a warrior cult about culling the weak? Apparently all 3 at once, though I personally think it could be all on sequence. You could start with the whole "just say yes" thing cause that is a fairly positive message given by the friendly (seeming) and younger John Seed. This would be a more attractive way to bring in people to the cult who are looking for a better life and whatnot, after which it would be easier to introduce them bliss without resistance. At this point in the plot there wouldn't be as much widespread murder and kidnapping, maybe just some places in john Seed territory with a lot more hostage scenarios than all out murder, but still more tame than the game's actual starting point. After you kill John and head to Faith's area you start to see that kidnappings are more frequent because you killed their recruiter, and you would see people being forced bliss as opposed to being eased in. You also start to see how nasty the bliss can be, especially with seeing the Marshall in his condition. They cant break the main character yet, although they are breaking them slowly. Seeing the sheriff almost kill himself shows almost anyone is vulnerable. After you kill Faith the cult would bow speed up their plans to their last stage: culling the weak. I think it makes more sense to build to this point as the early stages would draw in a lot of desperate people, then they would weed out the chaff later. Hard to see people wanting to join an extermination cult. At this point the whole county is under violent attack, kidnapping and murder is rampant. When they catch you in this part of the game the bliss (not that stupid music box) starts to finally break you, and you have those hallucinations where you kill people, only it would be more bliss like, eventually finally pushing you to kill Eli. Now you've been broken like the Marshall has, and the game could make reference to that, including characters that saw the marshall. Just an idea 

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