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Far Cry 6 concept: Wilmingshire, England

FarCry8 - Far Cry 6 concept: Wilmingshire, England

Before I start: Yes, this is basically Hot Fuzz + FC5, minus the cops and cults. And I know everybody wants FC6 to return to wild environments, but I promise, just wait until you read the map synopsis.

Setting: Wilmingshire, England. 2010. Alex Duffy, a young college graduate is set to visit their Nan in Wilmingshire for holiday. Everything is idyllic, pleasant as ever. Upon arriving into town, however, we're immediately detained and questioned by police who don't believe our story, and we're sent off to be locked away in a camp they have in the next town over for strangers. After some quick thinking, we're able to escape the convoy carrying us, and we're on our own to find out what's happened to Wilmingshire.

Enemies: Are basically the residents of Wilmingshire, and the neighboring towns, Havensport and Barbridge. After an industrial accident caused by a radical group, a strange chemical was let into the water supply, drugging the residents into thinking their towns were the last bastions of civilization in the area, and any strangers were there to kill them and steal their supplies. But these aren't just drugged-up goons. These are police officers, clerks, barmen, and anyone else who had access to a gun, now with no reason to think twice about shooting an outsider. Of course, not everyone is a combatant. Once action starts, many NPCs will scurry indoors, fighting only if threatened by the player. Outside of combat, they run their towns like they would on any other day. This gives players the chance to interfere, like poisoning the beer kegs at the local pub, or trapping them in church on sunday!

The Player: There is no resistance. There is no Dutch to get you accustomed. Once you're on your own, it's up to you to set up a base, gather supplies, start freeing anyone you can find. More on this later. Duffy's gender up until now has been left pretty open, it's up to players to choose, but it won't affect the story in any way.


The Map: Is basically another character to the FC series. Set mainly in northern England, in the fictional neighboring towns of Wilmingshire, Havensport, and Barbridge. Between each are about 350 km2 of farmland, forests, smaller town, cottages, everything you'd expect in rural England. Wilmingshire is the metropolitan hub of (previously) 12,000, now a few hundred. The local police force guard the communications tower, weapon depot, and regular townsfolk. This is the most populated, dangerous, and important town on the game. Havensport sits along the River Ouse, and is home to plenty of trading and culture for the area. The ports bring in supplies from expeditions (i.e. the townspeople looting lonely farmers) and the locals offer trading and services to other residents. Barbridge is the internment camp we were being sent to. Once a small town you pass by to cross the bridge, it's now a prison to outsiders. It's also become the police training depot.

Gameplay: Brutal survival. As I've said, there's no resistance. Once players are free, they can set up a base at any abandoned cottage they find. From here, they need to discover what dangers are around them, and how to take care of them. There are no outposts to liberate (yet), since there's no one to occupy them. Instead, players have to start eliminating local threats to build up their arsenal and supplies. As they do, players will be encouraged/forced to venture further and further from base. Eventually, the player can start intercepting buses of tourists coming through, and they will join the player as scavengers, guards, and occasionally companions. Stealth is more like Hitman, whereas in the older games you would simply shoot the alarms then pick off enemies, now you can sneak around town to learn about their schedules and anything else you can use against them.

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