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Far Cry 6 idea. Optional Survivalist mode. Your thoughts?

FarCry5 - Far Cry 6 idea. Optional Survivalist mode. Your thoughts?

Inspired by Ubisoft's upcoming update for GR: Breakpoint, it got me thinking. A lot of people do like the option for a more punishing and hardcore experience, but the game can be played in a more typical Far Cry 3, 4 or 5 way. I know a lot of people liked this in Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4 as well. But what would you guys think about implementation of an optional survival/hardcore mode for the upcoming Far Cry 6? Bringing back elements from Far Cry 2 that some of the old timers loved and you can select the difficulty of how severe the survivalist mode is. Here's a few ideas that could be implemented.

One: healing syringes and medkits no longer work instantaneously and can take between two real world minutes to work on the low end, and up to ten minutes to fully restore your health on the most severe difficulty, up to ten minutes. Being shot or stabbed or otherwise injury that causes severe bleeding and hemorrhaging doesn't just cause a blow to your health, but continues to slowly drain it. You need to apply a tourniquet before applying a medkit or else the medkit is all but useless because depending on the difficulty, you can bleed out in pretty short order especially if the enemies hit the chest or head or somewhere like that. The harder the difficulty? The less tourniquets you can carry. The same bleedout applies to your enemies and animals however! So take advantage of this. Use of some drugs and herbal concoctions are addictive too and you can suffer withdrawal from using them too much.

Two: envenomations, poisonings and diseases. Yes yes, like the infamous malaria from Far Cry 2 coming back, but you have the option to lower the difficulty and it makes you having to take medication less often, ad well as the frequency of getting sick being reduced. or you can be a madman and crank up the difficut to where it's borderline masochistic. Depending on where the game is based, there are all sorts of nasty venomous critters all over the world. Black Mambas, scorpions and some venomous sea critters in Africa, cobras and scorpions in the Middle East, Fer-De-Lances and deadly caterpillars in Latin America, etc. If you don't go see a doctor or a store that sells the antivenom? You're going to succumb very quickly to your envenomations and possibly die. In addition, interaction with some people and animals can give you infections and diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Lyme disease and more, and if you don't get the appropriate treatment such as quinine or antibiotics, you take a hit to all sorts of stuff, reduced health, movement speeds, hallucinations and insanity, among other things. If left untreated for long enough? (Depending on difficulty) you can even drop dead.

Three: weapon maintenance, malfunctions and catastrophic failures. Depending on the difficulty, weapons have a fixed amount of health depending on the gun. An AK-47 is very reliable and as long as you keep it clean? Even in poorer condition you'll only get an occasional jam but you take a huge hit to your accuracy when the gun is in poor condition. Whereas a more demanding/maintenance important weapon like a PSG-1, M60 or SPAS-12 may have to be cleaned regularly to prevent constant jamming but the accuracy will still be poor in bad condition. At higher difficulties, there's even a very rare chance (say, 1 in 5000 bullets) for the weapon to cease working, and if you try to fire it again, it detonates and you need to pick up a new gun. Guns picked up off enemies are frequently in poor condition, they'll jam occasionally depending on the gun, and have poor accuracy, but it still takes a lot to blow one up. Cleaning the gun slightly increases the condition, and also slows down the speed of which the weapon degenerates.


Four: Takedowns. I find it kinda funy that nearly every takedown goes so smoothly without the enemy fighting back, whick I think GR Breakpoint demonstrated pretty well with the enemy fighting back. A lot of people preferred machetes and knives, hence the disappointment of Far Cry 5, but what about an option for three types of weapons and their separate abilities on survival difficulty?. You can either use piano wire (a garrote) which is completely silent, but there's a good chance that unless your skill is high enough, even when attacking from behind, the enemy will turn around and fight back and throw you into a QTE with unpredictable button presses, and you have to take him down before he makes too much noise. You can use a machete/survival knife which is the default option, it has utilitarian uses such as harvesting and skinning, but in combat these blades will result in a successful takedown from behind, or death from above. Death from below and frontal takedowns however can throw you into the same unpredictable QTE where the person fights back until you have a high enough skill level. The knife is louder than the garrote but as long as you don't kill someone when they're standing right next to another dude or something like that? It's fairly quiet, and it also is a lot faster of a takedown than the garrote. Or you can use a blunt weapon like a hammer or baseball bat that causes quick kills, quicker than most of the machete/survival knife kills, and is extremely rare to throw QTEs at you, even from the front or death from below, but needless to say, splitting someone's head open or crushing their skull makes a LOT of noise and is the least silent of the weapons.

Dehydration, hunger, sleep, fatigue: gotta keep hydrated, decently fed, sleep once every day or two and not stay in heavy combat for too long before your fatigue starts to catch up with you. Failure to do so can result in stiff movement penalties, weapon handling penalties, sprinting, maximum distances are much shorter, health decreases, in severe cases it might even prevent you from doing certain actions such as a Gunslinger takedown, and even death. Careful about hydration though, some sources of water such as mucky ponds can cause illnesses as previously mentioned.

So what are your thoughts about an optional hardcore survival Far Cry 2/New Vegas-esq gameplay difficulty? I should state this should be entirely left up to the discretion of the player whether they want to enter survivalist mode or not. There should also be a custom mode that allows you to disable and enable only the elements the player wants. If you have any other ideas please share!! 🙂

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