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Far Cry 6 in AC: Odessey formula and my musings about FC5.

FarCry2 - Far Cry 6 in AC: Odessey formula and my musings about FC5.

Obviously not everybody will like this and may feel differently – that's ok. Each to their own.

I liked FC3, and FC4. FC3 – probably everyone liked (at least those who like FC series). FC4 felt like a right evolution and liked the setting because I am an Indian and it felt familiar and engaging. Coming to FC5 – I thought story was okay, villians are good (not as great as FC3/4 IMHO). However, I didn't dig the open world formula of FC5. I had to complete story missions first because RP points activate auto-kidnap which means that I need to unlock followers or meet interesting characters before shit goes down. It is like opposite of open world logic i.e. side quests first, main quest later. If one of the interesting NPCs die in an auto-activated story mission, the mission may or may not exist – and even if it does – it may not have same "meaning" in the context that you already liberated that region.

In a way, FC5 Montana setting also felt somewhat monotonous – don't get me wrong – I would have liked it if I hadn't played other Open-world games that came in years. It didn't help I just completed AC: Odessey and started FarCry 5 – big fan of both series – played everyone of them including the bad ACs.

With AC: Origins, I felt Ubisoft won my heart (or my keyboard or controller) – its not too RPGey like Witcher 3 or too bland like AC: Unity. AC: Origins felt like a right blend of open-world formula, side quests, NPCs and story line that I could immerse in myself. In case you haven't noticed, my preference of games requires an decent story – not too high standards like Witcher 3 – but at least like FC4.

FC5 story wasn't at the same level as FC3,4 or AC:Odessey and Origins. AC: Odessey – If you didn't like it – I guess there is no point for you reading this as you may not agree. But I think FC6 (not new dawn) should take the AC: odessey route (not RPG or choices) or in terms of open-world formula, progression and interesting variation is locations. AC:O was a big project compared to FC6 – I agree – and FC6 world map doesn't have to be as big as AC:O. They could do the same formula with a smaller map.

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What do you guys think?

Why Father is wrong in FC5?


Father, I think, is/was wrong. I read some theories on forums as whether Father indocrinated govt and caused WW3 or he himself launched nukes off Silos or an Ubisoft rep mentioned about radio channels talking about crisis internationally – Whatever theory you subscribe to – I think father was wrong.

If I order a Turkey in a restaurant, and if it comes – have I made a prophecy? – Or to put it another way – predicting a hot summer next May isn't a prophecy either if we know about climate change trends. It is a well-educated guess/prediction, extrapolation from existing data etc. There is a thin line between genius and a psycho-crazy bastard. Father/Joseph was intelligent and could have foreseen the events of WW3 coming – looking at geo-politics – sure – he wouldn't have known when the bombs will drop exactly – but does it matter? – Bombs drop while you are taking him to Prison or somewhere later – its bound to happen in FC5 universe. Of course, game coincides the ending with nukes dropping to be dramatic. He knew that apocalypse is coming and created a cult because his "book" mentioned something like that (or he says that to make the cult – either way – he believed it). He wanted to create a cult based on his morals because after the "end", he wants to start a new Civ that follows his "morals".

Joseph is wrong because he thought that apocalypse is coming because God is punishing us for our "sins" – which is what exactly? – must have heard radio shit when taking outposts – streaming music. He is trying to decide right and wrong for the rest from an immoral book he wrote/follows. Also, he talks about that World is ending because of the way it is and at one point talks about going back to our "Primal" days – pun intended. But that doesn't give him the right to torture and sacrifice people as he likes. If anything, we want a better morals based Civ to build our world on after it ends – not this religious – slave and human torture/sacrifice based bullshit again.
If you do nothing and he wins – meaning his followers survive in bunkers, then is that the world humans should rise to? Its not enough that world has been razed by nukes, but we need a sadistic bastard to start another sadistic religion – we have enough of those.

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Ending was crap I think – not the nukes dropping – but how Joseph survives no matter what.

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