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How would you guys feel about a Far Cry set in feudal Japan? Personally I think it would fit Far Crys combat style really well, as well as the general resistance theme of the games if they go ninja resistance vs feudal lords.

As far as gameplay goes, there are a lot of ninja weapons that would fit the existing melee mechanics like we see in Primal and it would be a perfect opportunity to finally have a full fledged sword as a melee option. Tell me you guys don't want katana takedowns I mean seriously. Personally I really enjoyed how Far Cry handled melee in Primal compared to other series with melee combat and it made me desperately want that style of combat in a ninja game. There's also huge potential for medieval ranged combat between thrown weapons like spears and ninja stars as well as bows/crossbows and possibly early gunpowder weapons like flintlocks and ceramic fuse grenades. I don't know the exact timelines and how they match up but they could even take some creative license and add things like the old multibarrel flintlocks, early revolvers and things like that to really spice up the gun combat. I'd love to see dual wielded flintlocks like they had in AC Black Flag in a Far Cry game!

For enemies, there's lots of fun animals and we could have heavies and other specialists in the form of actual Samurai instead of regular foot soldiers. Elites with katana, super heavies with kanabo, grenadiers and things like that. The feudal system of Japan also affords a lot of opportunity for a Lieutenant system a la 5, with different lords being the lieutenants holding each region. Japan itself isn't HUGE and also has multiple islands to pick from which makes it easy to have a contained story and map, with ocean instead of impassable mountains.


It would also be a great opportunity to bring back mounts which was probably far and wide my favorite thing from Primal/5/ND and something I'd really like to see return in a Far Cry game. Off the top you could have a standard horse, a tiger mount, a panda mount or a bear mount. The GFH system might not be as easy to work in but they could definitely still have some like a sharpshooter or tank etc.

Personally I think this would be a perfect opportunity for another historical Far Cry, one that has enough built in concept popularity to sell well despite the lack of modern firearms. It's a setting people are familiar with and enjoy but that still affords a lot of opportunity for drama and especially for great scenery I mean with the specific Japanese brand of ultra steep mountains, the cherry blossoms, all the traditional Japanese palaces and architecture? It gives me a raging brainer just thinking about it. I can already picture myself doing drop takedowns with my sweet katana, deep in a mountainside fort on a misty night, mountain fog so thick all you can see is the torches across the courtyard.

Let me know what you guys think though, I know melee combat wasn't the most popular thing in Primal but I think having a nice sword and some basic firearms would help that a lot, as well as the more modern and familiar setting with actual recognizable metal weapons instead of rocks on sticks. (Side note, I actually have to give them props on making interesting designs for the different versions of the weapons in Primal, I would've liked more but I can't say I wasn't impressed with how many variations of rock on a stick they came up with)

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