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Far Cry: New Dawn = A Fix to the Ending of Far Cry 5 (Read My Idea)

FarCry4 - Far Cry: New Dawn = A Fix to the Ending of Far Cry 5 (Read My Idea)

Hear me out.

I know this is a crazy idea, but hear me out.

The Nuke never went off.

We know nothing about this game but let's say Joseph Seed is your ally and you come out of the vault and you go against these new twin enemies. To do this you need a team, so you build a new 'family' to help rebuild the new world and set things right. Well, that's what you think. Through the game you save people that join your 'family' by saving them from the main friends of the twins, good old far cry style. Now, you are at the end of the game and you kill the twins and their remaining allies with your 'family'. That is when the bliss wears off. The twins change and you see that you really killed the Sheriff & any one of the others left alive in the car from the ending. All the main allies of the 'twins' were your allies from Far Cry 5. Then, you turn around Joseph stabs you in the neck and says thanks for your assistance friend but you are no longer needed. You have created Joseph a new family to take over Hope County once again and you ruined everything you did in Far Cry 5. Congratulations, you have been played with the greatest plot twist in Far Cry history.


It would be evil but god it would be shocking.

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