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Far Cry New Dawn – Closure to Hope County’s saga

FarCry10 - Far Cry New Dawn - Closure to Hope County's saga

I brought Far Cry 5 about three weeks ago and did the story twice, waiting for New Dawn to come out, because it's the squeal and you want to jump right into it, like a Netflix episode or star wars movie. I traded Black Ops 3 and a few others at eb games, sacrificing them for New Dawn a week ago and finished it two days ago, racing through the story, playing to 3am (I start work at 4am XD) hands numb, eyes sore.

When the credits started for Far Cry New Dawn, I put the controller down, tired, satisfied with it. Some of you may think otherwise, but I think it was good. In Far Cry 5, Montana blows up into a thermonuclear hell and Joseph Seed carries the Deputy into Dutch's Bunker. It was a major cliffhanger.

New Dawn picks up over a decade later, after a nuclear winter, in a world a hell of a lot more colorful then before. Survivors climb out of their bunkers and rebuild a new, better America. I enjoyed helping Prosperity prosper. (it's funny, in Far Cry 5, Prosperity is an abandoned ghost town full of mannequins and meth labs lol, and is a different part of Hope County)

The biker gangs out to take everything and everyone and ruin it was pretty awesome, as what would happen in a post apocalyptic world e.g. The Walking Dead Saviors. The twins were hard as hell to defeat, considering they had high health, had to be fought at the same times (they had different weapons and dogs were constantly spawning and attacking you).

I liked how they didn't have a super old Deputy who spoke, but a silent ghost assassin with a bow, dubbed the Judge .


Jospeh Seed lost his wife, euthanized his premature badly hurt daughter and started up a massive doomsday cult. He lost it all, but rebuilt, with Eden Gate survivors, creating New Eden. We find him in New Dawn aged and doubtful, who lives alone at the far north of the map near a apple tree that gives supernatural power fruit, he later burns down to prevent others from abusing its power for evil, e.g. his greedy prideful arrogant son who ate an apple and turned into an actual demon.

You choose to kill or leave Joseph Seed, I killed him, seeing that he's done with everything, wanting to die.

You kill John Jacob and Faith in 5, and attempt to arrest Joseph in 5 (or actually arrest him with the help of the national guard in an alternate ending to 5), I thought it was interesting that either way, Joseph lives, but there could be no way that he could live in another Hope County Far Cry, he was an old man already in New Dawn, when he cradled the body of his dead son, a grown man.

The game ends at the grave of Thomas Rush, a major character killed by the Twins in the game. He wanted to rebuild America and pretty good job with Prosperity and Hope County.

With America being rebuilt, the Highwaymen mostly defeated in Hope County, Edens Gate finished and Joseph Seed dead, it truly does bring closure to the story and i liked that. Ubisoft, you guys did a really good job. Cheers.

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