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Far Cry New Dawn – My views and improvements

FarCry10 - Far Cry New Dawn - My views and improvements

Hello everyone,

This is my third Far Cry game after 2 and 3. I have to say I am really amazed by the gameplay improvements. New Dawn leaning toward RPG system adds an extra depth to the gameplay in a good way. I saw people being upset saying that it looked very bullet spongy. That is completely avoidable as long as you use weapons that are the same rank or higher than that of the enemies. The headshot are always one hit kill on enemies with no helmet (there is armor piercing round to headshot enemies with helmet). Knife takedowns are really awesome and brutal.

This game may have a smaller map than Far Cry 5 but this one is very full of content. Even after finishing main missions and side missions, it is full of things to do- retaking outpost, expedition, dynamic mission like convoys, rescue mission, etc. The world feels alive due to NPCs interacting with one another outside their base.

Re-taking outpost is more fun this time due to the change in gameplay element after every reset-this makes re-taking the same outpost enjoyable. Also, the soundtracks in this game really set the mood for an intense fight(stealth or beast mode) together with your companion.

I haven't played Far Cry 5 so I cannot comment on the story but I really enjoyed the Prosperity home base missions. Recruiting new members and upgrading the base felt really satisfying. It's really fun to listen to the conversation between the NPCs inside the base. Far Cry game is about survival and this game really made me feel like I am fighting for resources. I also noticed the ability to skip cut scenes and dialogue this time.


The game world is really vibrant and diverse. I hope Ubisoft continues on this path and improve the future game even further.

Nice to have improvements in New Dawn:

-ability to improve rank 1 weapons to deal the same damage as elite (I leveled rusty AR-C to have the same damage output as rock paper scissor AR-C but the damage difference on level 3 enemy was 100~) – I really love the reload animations of the rusty weapons. It reminds me of Far Cry 2 and it would be nice if the weapons were usable in end game without having to upgrade it 1000 times.

-ability to trade pelt for springs.

-limiting resources in the inventory (including ethanol) I really love doing expedition and outpost but it is really not a nice thing to keep getting resources that add up infinitely (correct me if untrue). At the end game, it is not possible to do anything with the resources that are not required to upgrade weapons.

-ability to exchange one resource for another.

Love to see in the future installments:

-deep weapon customization.

-Eden's gift-like power (this makes the game super fun and if someone doesn't want to use it, they are free to not put any points in it).

-infinite perks same as New Dawn.

-A world that is alive and doesn't feel empty after finishing in-game content-just like New Dawn (I love how alive and full of content New Dawn is even after finishing every main/side missions).

-Extra save slot.

Thank you to the team that made this enjoyable experience.

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