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Far Cry New Dawn summary for people that are considering buying it. (8/10)

FarCry4 - Far Cry New Dawn summary for people that are considering buying it. (8/10)

TL/DR: Story is average, mechanics are more fun than 5, crafting is now more essential in a good way and doesn’t revolve around money, outposts are now more useful and have different levels of difficulty to them, enemies feel more unique, the new “yellow boss” enemies provide more of a fun challenge, a new mode is added called expeditions which are cool, and badass knife executions are added which is amazing.


I won’t spoil anything about the story of New Dawn but to a player that has played 5 to the fullest and was looking forward to a good sequel, it was pretty average. It was good for the $40 price tag so it isn’t bad. The main characters (AKA the twins) felt a little underwhelming imo. They weren’t as cool at the father was in 5 but he does make a return in this game which makes the story a bit more interesting.

Gun Mechanics

The gun mechanics in this game are similar to 5’s mechanics but are more fun. New weapons are added such as the saw launcher which is super fun to use.

Crafting, base building, etc

Unlike Far cry 5, making guns and other items don’t revolve around money. It’s now revolves around crafting materials such as gears and duct tape that you can find around the map or just by doing outposts, expeditions, etc. Instead of customizing your gun, there are tiers to gun rarity that have different attachments are are just new guns entirely. Those rarities come in common, rare, epic, and legendary. You can craft these weapons by upgrading your home base (prosperity) to unlock other areas in your base that you can upgrade to get better items. These areas are vehicles, weapons, explosive lab, infirmary, cartography, health garden, expeditions, and training camp.

Each area has its own value to the game and contributes to your game progression. However, only the vehicle and weapons areas have different rarities.

Outposts and expeditions

Outposts are different than far cry 5 outposts. Now when you take over an outpost, you either have the choice of letting your allies hold the outpost or you can scavenge it for more ethanol (which is the resource which helps you upgrade prosperity) but the highwaymen take it over with stronger enemies.


Expeditions are basically missions that take you to different parts of America to gather materials to bring back to prosperity. These expeditions are very useful. Like outposts, expeditions have difficulties to them as well. You are helicoptered in to a location where you have to find a package containing materials. Once you find it, you have like 30 seconds until a GPS goes off on the package which alerts all highwaymen to you. Then you have to guard the helicopter extraction point from highwaymen while the helicopter lands to pick you up.

yellow boss enemies

Bosses are a new addition to new dawn. They are as bad as you may think though. These boss enemies come as either an enforcer (A highwayman wearing a lot of body armor.) and mutated animals which are cool to find in the wild. Those animals aren’t that hard to beat if you have good weapons though so it won’t be a bullet sponge fest like the division. Enforcers only come in either lvl 3 outposts/expeditions, or when reinforcements are called. They were a fun challenge to fight especially with my friends so I didn’t mind them. Also forgot to mention this but there are different tier highwaymen enemies. You won’t have trouble beating them if you have good weapons so don’t worry.

New knife executions

New executions are added with a knife that make me want to go out of my way to execute enemies. When you start the game, you can only execute common enemies but you can later execute higher tier enemies though specific perk unlocks.


I give it a 8/10 or maybe a 8.5/10 because even though the world is beautiful, the enemies are cool, etc, I feel it’s a dumbed down version of 5 at certain parts but is a solid game regardless. I’m ok with the game though because it’s $40.

I felt far cry 5 was a easy 9/10 just because the story was amazing and the gameplay was solid. Far cry new dawn however fills in all the mistakes gameplay wise that 5 made though.

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