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Far Cry Photo Contest on Discord – The contest theme this time is MAYHEM

FarCry10 - Far Cry Photo Contest on Discord - The contest theme this time is MAYHEM

To celebrate the Far Cry Discord server becoming a Verified Discord Server, we would like to hold a couple of Far Cry screenshot contests! The Far Cry Discord includes channels for all things Far Cry related. Fan art, cosplay, map creations, co-op parties and more. Looking for a more casual place to talk about other games, or anything other than games? Join up and chat in our off-topic/other-games channels! Have memes? Share them in our meme channel! We look forward to the submissions, and good luck everyone!


The theme for our very first photo contest is MAYHEM. Cause some classic Far Cry mayhem and capture it in all its glory. All screenshots must have some sort of Far Cry mayhem to be considered in the contest.

To enter the contest, submit a screenshot to the proper Discord channel (photo-contest-mayhem) in the Far Cry Discord server. A maximum of 2 screenshots may be submitted. Be sure to pick your very best ones! For the full rules, see below. One winner will receive a custom Reddit flair in the r/farcry subreddit; a custom Discord role on the Far Cry Discord Server; the Far Cry Discord Servers background will be updated as the winning photo for about a month.

This contest will end on September 15, at 3:59 AM UTC.

Joining the Far Cry Discord Server

You will need to browse to the "gain-server-access channel" and add the click the FC emote to join up. You must also wait 10 minutes before being able to post your photo. We do both steps to help reduce spam. You could join the server first, read the rules and add your role, then get your photo ready while you wait!

You can share your photo directly on Discord or link to it via. an external site:

Upload a photo directly to Discord

Imgur.com -> no account is required to upload and share an image.

How to take screenshots in-game

Photomode is available in Far Cry 5


Photomode is available in Far Cry New Dawn

For all other Far Crys, you can take out your binoculars and disable HUD elements in the game settings to capture a great looking image! Turning off the HUD is not a requirement for the contest.

Taking screenshots with PS4

Taking screenshots with Xbox One

Taking screenshots with Steam

Taking screenshots with Uplay

All rules

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Ubisoft, Reddit, Discord or any other social media platform.

Submit your qualified entry image to the proper Discord channel in the Far Cry Discord Server. Submissions else where will not be qualified to be a winner.

No other methods of entry will be accepted. Only two entries per person per submission period will be accepted.

All Far Cry games are eligible for photos to be taken in-game and submitted for this contest. A purchase will not increase your odds of winning.

Photos must be generated in a Far Cry game that clearly relates to the theme announced for the submission period in which the photo is submitted.

Must be an original photo taken by the entrant.

No edits are allowed outside of in-game tools provided.

Your submissions may be disqualified if it breaks any r/farcry or Far Cry Discord Server rules.

All entries are subject to verification by the r/farcry and Far Cry Discord Server moderators. Entries that do not meet the requirements specified or do not comply with the rules herein may be disqualified. Moderators will determine what constitutes a valid entry.

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