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Farcry 4: the true ending

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(Totally not based off of my experience) After chatting with Pagan after destroying his statue, Ajay finally does what he was supposed to be doing this entire time and puts his mother’s ashes to rest. At that moment, Pagan yeets away with his helicopter and Ajay thinks “Like hell I’m gonna let that mofo get away” and so he pulls out his rocket launcher from his pants and blows the helicopter up, the explosion burns Pagan’s corpse so badly that he now resembles a crab rangoon. While Rabi Ray Rana decides to celebrate with his fans by smoking week, drinking a sh*tload of booze and having monstrous kinky orgies that put the ancient Greeks to shame, Ajay decides to check on Amita after capturing the last outpost. He finds her with her army in a small village abducting children for her militia, and she may or may have not killed Bhadra. Ajay, after having witnessed Pagan’s tyranny, does not approve of this nonsense, and so he decides to politely change Amita’s mind with a bullet in her head. Ajay then proceeds to murder three Golden Path soldiers and throwing Amita’s corpse into the nearby river. Not shortly after, Ajay figures that now that Amita is no more, Sabal would try to usurp the power, so Ajay embarks on an epic quest to find and kill Sabal. After searching South Kyrat aimlessly for days, he hears that Sabal is actually hiding in Northern Kyrat near a lake. Ajay proceeds to kill the guy that gave him that info in a fit of rage. After breaking his bones from falling after getting his parachute stuck in a tree, Ajay is ready to confront Sabal, and is surprised to find out that he is actually just praying out in the open near a tent, Ajay gets his attention by shooting a few rounds, but decides not to kill him since Sabal was unarmed and his cowardly reaction to Ajay made Ajay pity him. That turns out to be pointless as Sabal is soon murdered by a Rhinoceros that was attracted by the nearby shots. Ajay miraculously survives. Afterwards, Ajay realises that now He is in charge of Kyrat as: Pagan, Amita and Sabal are all but mere corpses at this point. Ajay starts to go insane with the idea that (in his head) he now owns an entire country, and so he proceeds to spend his time in reckless activities like riding an off-road while shooting his pistol and throwing Molotov’s, mugging random pedestrians for fun and burning forests with a flamethrower. Ajay died on a sunny day near the Ghale homestead by falling off a cliff while being on fire. In conclusion, the true winner, was Rabi Ray Rana, him, and his drugs. Fin.


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