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Farcry needs to become more like Dishonored and battlefield Hardline to make a bigger political impact.

FarCry9 - Farcry needs to become more like Dishonored and battlefield Hardline to make a bigger political impact.

Okay so I know this sounds like a stretch, and that's okay, you are reading this anyway.

I've recently been listening to (it could happen here)<https://castbox.fm/va/2058352> by Robert Evans. It's about how a second American civil war would happen and how it would go down. He has experience in many countries as they collapse, as he was there.

In my own (or my parents experience) when a country (Russia/USSR) collapses. Shit goes down, but it becomes so normal that you only realize it was insane after the fact. My parents don't talk about Russia to their friends because nobody believes them anymore except other Russians and those who were enlisted in a country that also collapsed.

When you first play the first farcry, everyone is a bad guy, they are all paid to be henchmen to do evil shit.

The second one there is two armies you can join, but my memory is that they are both equally forgettable.

The 3rd one you kill LITERALLY faceless people. They are pirates, they are bad, vass is bad. But your own side are also not lead by someone who is awfully great.

4th one is where things get interesting. Yeah kyrat has outrageous corruption. But if you fight and kick the king out, you are left with either turning the country into a religious state bet I would compare to isis or something the Seeds would do. Or a drug Lord that induces forced labor.

In fc5, I honestly took a minute to try to arrest some cultists like in battlefield Hardline. Obviously that failed.


But it made me think, every time a cultist sees you, they attack you in hate. They have the look of hate on their face.

Why do they hate you?

In the beginning of the game they hate you for arresting the Father. They would flail themselves into the blades of a helicopter for him. Why? What does the father offer that society doesn't? In 3/4 it was money.

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Later in the game you kill SO MANY cultists. I can see why they would hate you. Here is a deputy who is playing judge, jury, and executioner.

I can see why they would hate you, you killed a friend of theirs, maybe a family member, maybe a family member of a friend, or a friend of a friend. But you killed.

In Dishonored every time you kill someone the world around you gets worse, the plague eats the City, and it makes your job harder.

How many cultists have you killed who was just standing around a silo? Or just a truck driver? That terror is the same that Nick rye felt when he was trying to leave with his pregnant wife. This is the same terror that my own father felt when he tried to leave Russia with his.

Farcry can evolve to make the player make bigger decisions. Harder ones.

In a town like falls end, a oil refinery would provide high paying jobs to hundreds of residents. It could also simultaneously cause harm to the community (like poisoning the water) what side would you choose?

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