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Farcry New dawn: why certain someone was denied the gift

FarCry9 - Farcry New dawn: why certain someone was denied the gift

I thought of this after i got through with the history of Fc:New dawn, so needless to say that this text contains heavy spoilers for the game.

Why does Joseph denies so adamantly the gift ( the radioactive apple) to Ethan (his son). Well first of, lets start to the time right after the collapse, we find a letter in the chapel were we met Joseph for the first time in FC5 , its written by a woman whose child its sick with radiation poisoning, she pleads to the father's child for help since she thought the boy wouldn't survive much longer. Now its implied that the father in question its in fact, Joseph Seed, better known for fucking up hope county, so lets assume Joseph manages to rescue the boy, but sadly, the mother dies, we know this because we find a letter in new eden inside Ethan's hut, written to his mother, he tells her that despite trying his best, he can't see Joseph with the same eyes his mother does.. furthermore, we learn later in the game, that ethan knew of the existence of "God's gift " the fruit of the radioactive tree and Joseph didnt wanted his son to partake in this gift. Why? Why not give his own son the gift?, we could argue that he (Joseph) was right, that Ethan's soul wasnt pure enough to endure the trial. But i think otherwise.


First of, Joseph is full of shit, yes, he saw the nuclear downfall coming, and even had a hand in it, but he cant actually comunicate with god, he is just a very charismatic sociopath. So he is lucky enough to find the only fruit tree that managed to mutate and grow there after 17 years absorbing radiation. And he is also capable of surviving the process of eating the fruit and the forced mutation that comes after. We also go through this, but why are we, and Joseph worthy of it? And why Ethan isn't??

Well, the answer is, no one is, its has to do with the level of radiation the person in question has endured, Joseph spent most of the time after the collapse on a bunker, and we can presume the captain did too. But Ethan didn't, he spent some time absorbing radiation while he travelled to new eden with his mother looking for Joseph. Joseph knew that his son wouldn't survive the radiation intake that the fruit would entail so he denied it to him, and told him that it was God's will, in order to protect him, he even said it to him just before Ethan takes the bite " i was trying to protect you son!".

Sure enough ethan goes above a beyond his radiation level and (with our help) gets really fucked up. Right then and there Joseph realizes he is full of shit, he cant listen to god, he is just a crazy murderer that managed to fuck the world, his family and himself into this world, and there's no way out.. other than asking for our mercy, begging us to release him..

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