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FC New Dawn vs. Rage 2

FarCry2 - FC New Dawn vs. Rage 2

I was mildly interested in FC ND after seeing the trailer at the Game Awards. A converted FC5 map with new stuff to do at a reduced price and releasing mid Feb already. It feels like the proper DLC for FC5 that continues on the main story.

But then a bit later in the same show I saw an updated video of Rage 2. Initially revealed at E3 I was not really interested in it, but now directly comparing it to New Dawn I cant help but feel that Rage 2 looks like a much more complete game. Sure it’s full price and won’t be out until May 2019 but even as the biggest FC fan you gotta admit both games have a very familiar setting.


Right now I’m still fully into BFV, RDR2, FH4 and AC:OD and I have no need or desire for a new game yet. But come 2019 if I had to pick one of those 2 games up it would more likely be Rage 2. And that’s coming from someone who’s played écrue Far Cry since the very first one. Maybe Far Cry fatigue might have hit me since you gotta admit, FC 3, 4 & 5 at their core all feel very similar. I didn’t play the first Rage game so I have no experience with that one. But I remember after E3 it got a lot of great feedback from YouTubers who had a hands-on.

What do you guys think about FC:ND vs Rage 2?

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