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[FC2] Can someone please explain the “Buddy” system/mechanic?

FarCry6 - [FC2] Can someone please explain the "Buddy" system/mechanic?

Hey, everyone! First time playthrough of Far Cry 2, I'm enjoying it so far, but can someone please explain this damn Buddy mechanic!? Please excuse me if this comes across as mindless rambling.

So, I'm doing a mission for the APR which involved blowing up some hydrogen tanks on a train – Floria Guillen calls me up and offers me an optional mission to kill this baron and she'll raid the train. I do so and meet up with her when I finish the mission where she is already down.

After killing the enemy, I go to her down on the ground and give her a syringe. She tells me, "More." So I give her another and then a second one. She motions for more by waving her hand (or so I'm assuming), but giving her one more would overdose her, so I get up and begin to walk away only for her to call, "Wait! Don't leave me here!"

I go back and give her one more – she overdoses and dies, the journal says I "mercy killed" her.

I go to my safehouse where I find Warren Clyde, who I suppose became my best buddy since Floria died. I go on another mission, on my way there I'm ambushed at a guard post that takes out my car, so I get out and fight them.


Things get hairy and I lose my life, but Warren comes along to save me. We clear out the guard outpost (the game tells me itself) and Warren simply remains behind as I take off and complete my mission.

I complete the mission and open my journal to see that the little photo of Clyde isn't there. I open my "Buddies" tab only to see that Warren is now dead, and I apparently "Mercy Killed" him as well – even though he was perfectly fine when I left.

I'm really not understanding what happened here. I just lost two buddies in less than a hour – literally. Was this a bug or a glitch? Or is there a legitimate reason behind this? Any tips from veteran players to avoid this happening again?

Thanks in advance!

(Other than this, I'm sure you'd all be happy to know, I'm actually really enjoying this game! I'm having fun with the driving, I love the feeling of how you feel the bumps in the road and you can see the dirt kick up behind you. I laugh a lot of the time because I'm often looking down at my map, only to look up and crash right into a tree! Distracted driving, much?)

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