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FC5 ‘Subversiveness’ and dumbassary. An OK game that barely met the bar.

FarCry7 - FC5 'Subversiveness' and dumbassary. An OK game that barely met the bar.

I just finished FC5. And by 'just finished; I mean about 10 minutes ago. And all I have to say is


It's such a weird FC game because honestly, at the end, I've never been so tied to the antagonist, but at the same time throughout the whole game I've never been so disconnected from the antagonist. I found myself on Joseph's side because honestly, fuck it, he;s got the charisma to make a new world. But all the bullshit before that? Was exactly that:


FC5 failed to invest me in the enemy. It failed to make me give a shit until the last 30 seconds of the campaign. FC3? I understood Vaas, and I wanted him dead. FC4? I understood Pagan Min, in a great many ways, and I still wanted him dead. FC5? I wanted Joseph dead because… because he bad. Joseph=bad. Obviously. Only until the end of the story did I have an emotional investment in anything. My comrades? Don't care, let em die so I can kill whoever I'm supposed to. At least with Vaas and Min I could understand them, whereas Seed I'm just kind of like… "Whoops, here we are!"

Don't get me started on the BULLSHIT capture mechanics. I was in a helicopter and got 'captured'. Really? The amount of times I was 'captured; you'd think that something could happen because of it. That's what FC 3&4 emphasized. When you got captured, you had to actually escape. Not in 5. Instead your 'capture' meant "oh some meaningless story blah blah blah that makes no logical sense. Here you are back in main story". WTF???


FC5 was a disappointment for me. It had potential, and honestly? The ending was interesting as fuck. But did it actually touch my heartstrings?


Why? Mechanics were utter bullshit and not fun. Didn't make logical sense and honestly? The story was 'deep' just so it could be 'deep' without providing any actual substance.

And honestly? "Depth" without actual depth is pure Ubisoft. AC: Odyssey is a prime example of this and FC5 suffers from the same lack of care. They may say they're trying to make their games better by staggering release dates, but that doesn't automatically make them better.

Ubisoft, if you're reading this, FC4 was dope. AC: Unity was dope story despite gameplay flaws, and AC: Origins was perfection. FC4 deserves recreation, so do that again.

FC:5 was a talentless powergrab storywise and deserves all the bullshit it gets because it was so horrendous.

SPOILERS: the fact I couldn't even kill Jacob at the end? Bullshit. He's dying by my bullet to the head the instant the new world starts and the fact that you didn't give me that satisfaction pisses me off.

TL;DR fuck off Ubisoft

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