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For what reason other than nostalgia do people prefer Far Cry 3 over the newer games?

FarCry1 - For what reason other than nostalgia do people prefer Far Cry 3 over the newer games?

First of all I'm not the biggest fan of Far Cry, have only played 3&5. Enjoy them for the open world, atmosphere and the freedom that the open worlds gives to the player. I played through both of the games just for fun, not a hardcore player or NG+ on highest difficulty player. So minor spoilers for these two titles up ahead.

I played through Far Cry 5 for the first time just last week and had fun with it. DLC was a bit of a disappointment apart from the Vietnam one. But overall fun stuff, story wasn't executed in the best way, although I enjoyed the whole seven seals storyline, and liked the controversial ending because of it. Villains were alright but nothing too special, they felt more like mini-stories of their own. Joseph could've used some more development, now he only had a few cutscenes in total. Overall a good experience, especially the gameplay was really solid.

But now after playing through FC5 I decided to try out the FC3 Classic Edition that came along with it. I had played through it in 2013 and loved it then, so decided to check out if that's still the case. But now I got to say that I'm underwhelmed, I had my nostalgia bubble bursted. A lot of the things I remembered being great, seemed now underdeveloped, tedious or just outright bad.

For example, I remembered and have seen some people talk about how Jason went from a scared boy to a ruthless killer progressively throghout the story, but in reality it was in the span of a one or two missions. In the intro to the game he's shocked after killing a guy, but soon he's already laughing after blowing up stuff, not really a subtle or special transition. Jason is not really that likable or relatable as a main character. Mute protagonists like in FC5 are never really fun, especially when the game has as much character interactions and dialogue as 5 has. 'Rook' had no personality, but I'd say that I prefer that over what Jason was.

Other one would be Vaas. I remembered him being one of the greatest villains ever, but at the end of the day, he had like less than 20 minutes of screentime. Definetly an impressive performance and a good character still, but very underutilized. Although he was so one-dimensional, that I'm not so sure if he would've been as memorable or liked, if he would've had more screentime.


FC3 story missions are quite horrific. Trailing missions, stealth missions, on rails shooters, escort missions, quick-time events – all kinds of garbage. They also have a flawed checkpoint system, that makes dying incredibly frustrating at times. Most of the time I want to avoid doing a story mission, because the open world gameplay is just way more fun. Missions in FC5 have been done so much better, and are so much more fun that it's a bit unbelievable.

I'm also confused about Far Cry 3s story. It's like a 15 year old wrote a power trip story. A lot of the dialogue and events are quite awful, and the game does some distasteful things. I think the game tries to be satirical, but I don't think it's done that well, or that it even properly implies and messages to the player that it is satirical. There are some quality texts online about this. I don't want to blame the writer too much, but I feel like they are atleast somehow at fault, if the storys attempt to be satirical flys over everyones head. What do you think of this, and how do the other Far Cry games compare with this?

I feel like it's good to mention at this point that not every game needs a deep story or an unique narrative. I'm just confused as to why the FC3 writers chose such a weird direction, instead of for example playing it safe with a Hollywood type action film story.

Gameplay wise I feel like FC5 improved in every departement. Having more vehicle variety is good. Not having to constantly climb up radio towers is an improvement. Prepper stashes give some fun variety to the gameplay. Perk progression system is very simple, but I prefer it to having to go out of my way to hunt for specific animals. Outposts didn't feel copypasted, and most of the quests were fun. The world felt more alive, the outposts had backstories. I didn't like how the story got kinda force-fed to you every time you hit a certain point, but I wasn't too bothered with it, since they were like 5 minute interruptions. But it definetly affected the games pacing.

But these are just my thoughts on the two games. I still think Far Cry 3 is a solid game, since the open world gameplay hasn't gone anywhere. The HD remaster looks alright and plays well, apart from a few bugs but nothing too gamebreaking. If you love the game, rather than get angry at me, tell me why you prefer FC3 over 5 and why it isn't nostalgia.

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