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HMS MacCoubrey, an advice thread.

FarCry6 - HMS MacCoubrey, an advice thread.

(Disclaimer: Information in this document is composed from currently 7 expeditions, so due to the nature of RNG, there is potential for more locations, however the only way to find out is to keep playing)

Landing and Extraction Zones (3): – North West, Lighthouse. – North East, Road Overlook. – South East, Beach.

Package Locations (5): – Bar/Hold, behind counter. Mid-ship, 3 floors below deck. – Car Repair Shack. South of control tower. Flight deck, West side. – Forge/Scavenging hut. East base of control tower. Flight deck. – Cargo Containers/ Vehicle Entrance Overlook. East of ‘Forge’ area. – Captains Quarters. Control tower, top floor – South side.

Entrance suggestions: 5 main entrances to the ship* 4 Along the East side, 1 on the North of the ship. – Southern Access accessed by ladder from ocean. Leads straight to Bar/Hold, with several exits that lead to top deck (One leading straight to the Car Repair Shack on the West side. No guards up until you access the Bar. – Second most Southern – simple gang plank leading from rocky shore to main body of ship. Access to interior and another ramp leading to flight deck. (Check Guards) – Large ramp north of last – Larger ramp designed for vehicles to traverse up down. Vehicles drive up this when reinforcements are called, and down during the waves to recapture the package. Fairly well guarded, with watchmen on cargo containers. – Smaller ramp, slightly north of vehicle ramp. (Check where it leads (assume similar to previous). Check guard status). – North Access consists of a tower of scaffolding leading straight to the flight deck. Excellent access to the control tower, leads practically to a ladder to the top. No guards, however young hooligans in close proximity disassembling planes. * multiple grapple points dotted along both sides of the ship. Potential for other ways to access. Warning for the West side – Beware of demonfish in the water.

General tips when stealing a package: – if you must kill an enemy, either melee them or used a suppressed pistol; ensure their corpse is away from any AI path as any dead bodys being found will result in reinforcements being summoned.

Exits: South East, Beach. – From the Bar, you can take a door to the East, head south through the corridor and take a zipline nearly all the way to extraction. – From (any location on) the main deck, it is possible to run to the South side and wingsuit to the beach. Another alternative is to steal a car and drive out hastily. – From the control tower jump straight off and glide South East.

North East, Road Overwatch. – From the Bar I recommend stealing a vehicle from the flight deck, or if you're really daring just sprinting to the extraction point from where ever you are. – From the main deck, it is easiest to steal a car and drive to the extraction (toll gate wooden and can be taken out by driving into it). Alternatively, if you can get to the North East of the flight deck, jump and glide. – From the control tower, head to the North side and glide down.

North West, Lighthouse. – From the Bar, heading to the flight deck is the best option, and either stealing a vehicle or booking it to the zipline. – From the main deck, head to the North West corner of the flight deck. Zipline from the boat to just below the extraction point. Alternatively, jump and glide. – From the tower, jump and glide from the North side. Alternatively, use previous method.


Waiting for extraction: General tips: – If you have resources to spare, line the roads with proximity explosives every 50-100 meters. Will slow down vehicle onslaught and lesson the likelihood you face a M60 truck.

South East, Beach. – Enemies come from 3 sides. I) Boat riding enemies (including a boat mounted with an M60) ride in from the West, dismount at the beach and assault your position. Best advice is a launcher to take them out before they land. II) Road wraps around to the North East of the beach. Expect cars, quads and M60 trucks. Proximity mines on road help. Launcher advised here also. Sometimes enemies follow the road too. Light Machine gun or sniper rifle advised. III) From the North enemies climb down the hill from the road, and down a small path next to the coast, and assault your position. Can include enemies with M60's and RPG’s. The latter can cause fires which make it harder to portion yourself behind cover, so eliminate them as quickly as possible. For the rest, you don't need to necessarily kill them, either damage them enough that they take cover or collapse, and only kill those getting too close (establish maybe a 75 Meter circle of protection?) Facing this rocky outcrop is a handily placed Mounted Gun . By the time you get here you'll have around 1.30 left to wait for the chopper to arrive. Recommend to defend the beach by the driftwood, as Le Grosse Pattate lands nearby.

North East, Road Overlook. – 1 main direction the enemy attack from, with the occasional few trying to flank from over the hill left and right. I) From the North both gunners and cars will approach. Similar tactics as the road on the Beach, get a launcher and take down any vehicle that gets too close. Don’t worry too much about enemies not carrying rocket launchers, but if they are take them out. Also remove all enemies that get too close. Facing this direction is a Mounted Gun. II) Enemies have a tendency to flank over both hills on either side of the road. Best suggestion is to keep an eye on each side, whenever you have a bit of relief from the main road to check that no one is approaching. Le Grosse Pattate lands just at the corner of the road, a little below and behind the MG nest. North West, Lighthouse. – 2 main enemy direction points, one on the road to the East, another to the South (coming up the path from the scaffolding entrance. I) Same tactics as previously stated for dealing with the road. Machine gun nest faces towards the main road to the East. II) Small numbers approach from the South, with even smaller numbers approaching by sneaking around the back of the lighthouse. Personal recommendation is to stand on the back roof of the house, keeping a main lookout towards the road, with the occasional sweeping look towards the right side of the lighthouse. Le Grosse Pattate lands in front of the building. Other things of note: – Mortar located above the control tower. Easy enough to neutralise as only 1-3 enemies hang around up there, depending on your luck. In III difficulty, at least one is a Legendary enemy. – Keep an eye out for 1-2 cars using the flight deck as a race track, running a circuit around the southern half of the ship.

If you have read this far, it is appreciated. Images will be uploaded embedded in the appropriate sections as and when I have the time to take and upload them. And I guess if people like this, I'll try to make the other 6.

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