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How is Ubisoft allowed to make video games?

FarCry7 - How is Ubisoft allowed to make video games?

Okay, for my latest rage on Far Cry 4, I have a lot more to say… I believe I have never seen developers so disgusting like Ubisoft is. They are uncapable of making anything right. Every part of this game is going to be interrupted by a random animal, controls just don't work, it's as if an infant has programmed it, and gunplay is equal to fu*king Fortnite, because nobody really knows where the next bullet is going to hit.

I was taking on one of these hard co-op outposts (for the 15th time now) on my own, and while performing an incredible silent outtake, by just moving near one of the ropes I trigger the 'zipping animation' and my entire attack fails, reinforcment gets called, and I get to do the same outpost for the 16th time, just because you (as fu*king players) have allowed Ubisoft to keep on with this bullshit.


How can you play a game like Far Cry 4, look at how fu*king messy and disfunctional it is, and go with ''oh, hell yea, can't wait for the next game!''? I genuinely want to know who are the lead programmers on this game, and who specifically programmed the animals to be so hostile towards the player at all costs, and who is a dum*as* that made the controls so that the same button does 15 things?

Ubisoft is pretty much the saddest and shittiest companies out there, along with Blizzard and now Bethesda. Fuc* you to the entire development team from me. Hope you at least got your as* worth of money.

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