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I abandoned 3 it just wasn’t fun… but the others have definitely been.

FarCry3 - I abandoned 3 it just wasn't fun... but the others have definitely been.

Rant ahead because 3 has made me salty

TLDWR; 5, New Dawn, Blood Dragon, and 4 have been fun. 3 has waaaay too many enemies. Didn't play much, just got sick of four car pile ups with like 15 enemies surrounding you battering you in all directions.

So the first game I played from the series was 5. My brother bought it and let me play it and, well, I loved it. I'm easily bored but I loved to play it and slowly almost take over. I found it really enjoyable. I didn't play the rest until I got them pretty cheap on sale. I just wanted to say this cos maybe I'm a little biased towards 5 because it was my first and I've replayed it multiple times.

Now after that I played New Dawn. Yeah it was fun. Didn't feel as good as 5 but I still enjoyed it and finished the game. No urge to go full 100% though…

Then it was onto Blood Dragon. Yeah this was a damn fun game. It obviously didn't have as much as the other two but it was still overall fun. Fully outfitted Kobrachon was… ohhh yessss… That one vehicle though… ugh. And killing a dragon with a bow was a hassle, trying to juuust not kill it normally then having damn enemies spawn…

Then 3. I err… abandoned it. Pretty early on. First was the unskippable cutscenes. Sure I like to watch and learn but like it was just a guy sitting talking… and the tutorial god thats long… then I had some framerate issues. All the other games ran fine except when in a few bad spots. Oh well I can live.

ENEMIES. People say 5 has so many enemies but what is this game??? 5 has nothing on this!

Where are my goats. Please I want to craft give me goat.

Oh a few more crashes than normal thats really not that bad.

Um your gun is floating behind you lol. I'm not mad or anything just wanted to mention i- okay please stop teleporting while talking to me that's rude.

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How did he see me behind that wall? Eh just restart it's fine. Oh uh please stop yelling out… you… haven't been spotted… eh.

Now here's a story. This is a true story.


Wandering along laddy dah off to find some goats (I found two herds eventually yay) oh enemies! I don't really wanna fight the- oh they saw me behind my tree. That's okay. DIE DIE! Gonna go leav- more enemies? And… more? FOUR TRUCKS?? PLEASE STOP! It happened a few times. Eventually I manage to just run off… oh hello crocodile eating that random guy lol oh three dragons! Heh bubye… oh snake… oh tiger… MORE ENEMIES PLEASE STOP. Now I'm no longer trying to find the goats and did accidentally walk near komodo territory… oops. But so many enemies from all directions spotting me from so far away through trees and bushes… but then you're on a mission and they couldn't care less?

Now I'm not sure how long I played, I'll need to check, but I didn't play long. It was just so jam packed with enemies with no breathing room. I couldn't go a hundred meters without there being enemies unless I was swimming down a river!

I'm now playing 4. Some things about it I don't like (mostly the way missions work gah searching to map for a single little icon is so tedious especially when you forget it exists) but it's still fun. I've come across way less enemies and way more animals and I'm liking it.

This post isn't much. Really its a long rant because I'm just annoyed everyone likes 3 so much it feels like I'm missing out on something because my experience is so different to everyone else's. I guess I'll try on easy. Maybe the difficulty settings are just different for this game. As much as I like guns blazing, stealth is more enjoyable to me so fighting 15 enemies as they swarm around in a forest isn't my idea of a good time… unless it's because you create a roadblock in 5 and are having a swell time picking off enemies at a distance. I'll edit with any more thoughts I have. Really this post is for my own satisfaction. I'm a little petty.

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