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I actually like Far cry 5’s endings and story (kind of) (Spoilers ofc)

FarCry5 - I actually like Far cry 5's endings and story (kind of) (Spoilers ofc)

At first I chose the “walk away” option and it seemed like a decent ending and then the music started playing and all I could do was laugh because that’s hilarious. I replayed the mission and chose the other ending and then the nukes started dropping and I was like “holy shit he was right”. I had the feeling he was going to be right which made me uneasy about the whole game.Imagine knowing the world was going to end and no one believes you.

The drive to the bunker with everyone freaking out was amazing. The whole game was leading up to the ending. Every sibling would tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing but the player keeps marching on destroying everything in their path because that’s what we’re used to in video games.

The whole “free will” thing with Jacob reminded me of bioshock and the illusion of free will in a video game, maybe not as well done. The whole training simulation with Jacob reminded me of the modern warfare training mini games and maybe it was alluding to it and how we’re all trigger happy.

This really reminds me of spec ops the line except in far cry the protagonist is an empty shell for the player to project on which makes talking to the player easier. Whenever Joseph or one of the siblings are talking to the protagonist they’re talking to the player and in a way breaking the 4th wall. Spec ops the line did the same thing where you slowly begin to realize you aren’t the hero that you thought you were, however they did it much better because I don’t understand why Joseph thought making a psychopathic cult would somehow prevent the end of the world?


How can I feel bad for murdering a bunch of people if they aren’t anymore right than I am. This hipster with aviators is scolding me because “not everything can be solved with bullets”. Okay but thats the point of the game? Joseph himself kills and tortures so why is all of this my fault Im just trying to save my friends.

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That’s where it all falls apart, the player does all this shit to save the world and in the end no one wins so i can see why people are upset over that part. Honestly now that I’m writing this I’m having second thoughts on my opinion, the ending just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It seems like the writers at ubi try to sneak some kind of message in every far cry game that usually goes over the player’s heads because its not well implemented.

I see a lot of people complaining that the ending sucked because it wasn’t a “happy” one or that it makes the game feel pointless but I feel like they missed the point of the game. Sometimes you the player are not in the right. However, if people are missing the point then you can blame the writing for not making it more obvious, maybe some understand it and still hate it.

I will say though I really like the biblical analogies. The 4 siblings are the 4 horseman of the apocalypse. This is hinted in their loading screens where biblical scripture about each one will be displayed.

I like the endings but the 4th wall breaking message about free will and video game trope that they’re trying to send isn’t well done because of holes in the story. Honestly who knows if they’re even trying to send a message maybe Im over analyzing. However if ubi’s goal was to give me the urge to move to Montana and become a mountain man then they succeeded.

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