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I hope New Dawn’s leveled weapons can have “legendary abilities”

FarCry7 - I hope New Dawn's leveled weapons can have "legendary abilities"

A lot of what we've seen about the leveled weapons and enemies seems to just relate to the HP enemies have and the amount of it the guns can take off. So if I'm armed with a level 1 AR and run into a level 2 enemy, I'll shoot him, see his lifebar barely moves, and I'll know I need to come back with a level 2 or higher gun. Kind of like AC Origins where having a higher level makes enemies immune to being stabbed in the brain. This kind of sponginess is something I can do without.

BUT! One thing that would be awesome would be if these RPG, leveled guns could have RPG "legendary powers." They wouldn't need to be complicated or terribly powerful, just impactful enough to make you consider doing things in your loadout that you wouldn't normally do. Examples:

  • Decreased damage to vehicles. Increased damage to enemies in or on vehicles.

  • Always kills an unwounded animal with a single headshot. Effect is lost if animal is not at full health.

  • Flamethrower heavies always explode when killed with a headshot from this gun.

  • Enemies knocked down by this gun are much slower to rise.

  • Aiming down sights decreases pellet spread by half.

  • Hitting a vehicle several times with this gun in quick succession causes the engine to die for 5-10 seconds.

  • Normal ammo fired from this gun has a 10% chance to become incendiary ammo.

  • The sound of this gun firing is greatly reduced if no enemies even slightly suspect your presence.

  • At close range, a hit to the body with this gun often knocks off enemy helmets.

You know — not SLAUGHTER EVERYTHING HA HA HA type powers like the Mars weapons, but more niche things. Cool stuff that changes what you would want to have for certain missions, or makes you use a gun in a context where you normally wouldn't. That's an RPG influence I could get behind.

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