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I want to see a more dynamic world/gameplay in the next Far Cry

FarCry10 - I want to see a more dynamic world/gameplay in the next Far Cry

You know what would make Far Cry so much better? An enemy faction that actively tries to fight you, and more dynamic missions that you can actually plan beforehand. Now FC5 sort of tried to do this with the new quest structure and the resistance bar, but I feel like it's not enough. I wanna feel some cause and effect of your actions, and I want to see the enemy react to what you do. Here's how I'd want to see it:

Say there's an fortified enemy ship in the ocean which you need to destroy. You can either sneak onto it and sabotage something, which forces the ship to dock onto land where you can call for reinforcements. Or you could attack an outpost to lure the ship to land that way. Or you could sneak onto it and strap bombs everywhere, and blow it sky high, or just go in guns blazing. Point is, enemies react dynamically to what you do and you can plan your missions accordingly.

Remember the Relevator from John's Region? Basically a big ass armed tank that drives around the region and tears shit up. Imagine if it actively tried to stop you. Like coming to help if an outpost goes for the alarm. So maybe you could clean an outpost, activate the alarm, fill the outpost with explosives or friendly soldiers and ambush the Relevator. Or say there's a bridge which goes over a river. You blow up that bridge, now the Relevator has to go through one of your outposts or a tight mountain pass.


Another thing that could return is counter-attacks by the enemy. Like certain outposts or towns could come under siege by the enemy and you'd have to secure or reclaim them. Or just the enemy sending some units specifically to hunt you down. Remember the Chosen? They were super awesome and I wanna see that expanded upon. Like you could have some Chosen-esque mini-boss guys trying to track you across the region, reacting to calls for reinforcements. Sort of like the Phylakes from Assassin's Creed Origins.

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Now all of this culminates in the main goal of every region: the Stronghold. Basically, the fortresses from FC4. It's the main base of the enemy in the region. A huge fortified fortress which is ridiculously difficult to take down at the start. Now as you liberate the region it gradually weakens, but it would still require planning and cunning to take down. Remember all the stupid shit you can do in FC like driving exploding vehicles into bases or strapping explosives onto boomer airplanes? Would be fun to actually have it come to use.

What would you like to see in the next FC when it comes to world dynamics? Got any ideas for unique mechanics or anything else?

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