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Is Deputy Hudson’s Backstory An Obscure Reference?

FarCry1 - Is Deputy Hudson's Backstory An Obscure Reference?

Ok, before the madness of New Dawn start, I have one super obscure reference, that I have discovered in FC5. And it is so random, that I do not dare to call it an Easter egg, since it might be: 1. Just something that inspired the writer(s) 2. A coincidence. But it is fascinating and cool nonetheless.

In 1988 come out one of the most revolutionary documentaries in US history, called "The Thin Blue Line." Nowadays it's more well known among movie buffs – many true-crime documentaries to this day are styled after it (both knowingly and unknowingly). More about the documentary's legacy you can find on it's Wikipedia page#Legacy). The documentary's subject matter is wrongful conviction (death penalty) for a murder of a policeman in the 70's. And here is where it gets interesting for us, Far Cry 5 fans.

Here is the real case, examined in a documentary:

On a thanksgiving weekend in 1976 Dallas policeman Robert Wood and his partner – policewoman Teresa Turko – were on a night shift, when they stopped for for coffee and milk shake at a local fast food. They were enjoying their drinks, when they saw a car that was driving with only it's parking lights on. They gave a short chase to the car and stopped it. Here the details get muddled, but what happened for certain was that Wood got out, went to the stopped vehicle and was immediately shot to death. Turko stayed behind, but when Wood was shot she tried to open fire at the unknown attacker, but he got away. Why she stayed behind and was unable to intervene? One of the investigator's versions is that it's because she was "finishing her milk shake."


And now what deputy Joey Hudson's backstory, which she mentions in one of the "Press E to talk" interactions, after you save her. I quote from Hudson's Far Cry Wiki page:

<...> a few years back, she and her partner Danny stopped at a diner to grab a bite to eat. As they got back into their cruiser with their milkshakes and continue their patrol, a truck went speeding past them. <...> When they caught up to the speeding vehicle and pulled them over, Danny told her to stay in the car because he just plans on giving them a warning. As Hudson's in the car drinking her milkshake, the suspects in the truck opened fire on Danny, putting two rounds into his chest before speeding off. Hudson got out and opened fire on the truck.

Both real case form The Thin Blue Line and from Far Cry 5 are surprisingly similar (Police officer busy with milkshake, while their partner gets shot to death out of nowhere, when solving minor issue.) But also not enough to make me sure if it is intended reference/just a coincidence/something that just inspired the writer(s).

In any case it's fun little piece of trivia.

If you want to read more about the real case here is a nice article about it by Texas Monthly. I also strongly recommend watching the documentary, since it is still huge inspiration for most of true-crime documentaries of today. (Editing, camera work, music, interviews,…)

Thx for reading, and see you back in the Hope County. Soon.

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